Sunday 2 March 2014

Some SUN-day Saddle Time

Sorry, this title is not supposed to upset those who are facing into more snow & cold but it was such a glorious day today that I couldn't help the title of this post. If it's of any consolation I have heard rumours of snow coming back our way, so this isn't set to take advantage while I can, right?!

Nancy & I in outdoor -
taking full advantage of sunshine!
I sat on both girls for the first time since Monday today and while neither of them were perfect; neither was horrible either - and sure in all honesty...not having been worked in almost a week, they were actually pretty awesome, especially Miss Nancy who was cool as a cucumber in the outdoor.

Splash effect after rain soaked outdoor work,
 of course she got groomed afterwards so no residue
nor irritating-itchy-sand-affects (I hope)
Kika and I played in the big indoor arena and Nancy & I got a glorious spin outside in the sunshine (it wasn't so nice when I was riding Kika #sadtimes).
I just covered the basics with both girls, w/t/c; circles, serpentines & changes of rein to get all our brains synchronised again and singing from the same hymn sheet. My mam & dad were driving by & spotted Nancy and myself in the outdoor so they popped in to say mother suggested I pull my stirrups up a hole as my legs looked too straight and I was pulling my heels up too high - I told her I just ride poorly but was willing to try anything to help me get better.
I will have to see over the coming days of it makes a positive difference or if it'll have the negative effect of my knees hitting the dressage saddle knee blocks in the wrong place - the saddle isn't the best fit for me in any case, but until I can afford to change the saddles for both girls I can't even think about getting a better one for me - weird reasoning...I know, but sure I'm weird & I accept this ;-)

Nancy's feathers are growing!
Extra hair-brushing for her feet ;-)
I then spent the afternoon at a Carnival Parade up the country, which L & I spontaneously decided to check out. It was awesome, loads of people dressed up, fab floats pulled by tractors & free sweets!
No better way to spend a sunday afternoon!
I did snap some photos on my phone...but sadly I'm not sure atmosphere was adequately captured :-/
However I am only to happy to share photos if there is any interest in seeing them, perhaps a Mostly Mute Monday post tomorrow ;-)

PS: Apologies for the lack of Kika photos in this post, but seeing as i rode her first & did Nancy immediately after...K didn't spend as long in the cross ties nor does she stand as quietly & demurely as N. Miss Kika has to make a scene & grates on my nerves by pawing the ground with her front feet and no matter how much i ask/tell/yell at her not to - it makes sweet FA difference to her. So to spare me and others using the common grooming area I prefer not to leave her tied as i fuss about doing other things


  1. Wowie look at those feathers.

    1. Super excited about them, hopefully they don't get too much fuller & lead to mud fever :-/

  2. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday! I'm glad you were able to get to enjoy riding in nice weather :)

    1. It was glorious, here's hoping it is the start of spring and a good summer is ahead of us. Although I cannot complain at all, we have had the mildest winters since I moved back. We have been veey lucky :-)

  3. I just have a cheap Wintec Isabell but I do like that the knee blocks can be moved around. I had to move them until they hit my legs right and that really helped!!

    1. The dressage saddle fits the horses better than it fits me, but it will have to do me until I come into more money ;-)
      (Sadly not likely as apartment progresses and swallows up all my pennies!)

  4. "singing from the same hymn sheet" Love that description, lol! I know the pain of not having a saddle that fits the greatest. But I agree that it is more important that it fit the horses first then the rider second.

    1. Is that not an international "englishism"?
      Funny the things we take for granted that are unheard of in other English speaking countries.

      100% agree on saddle fitting connundrums, neither of my saddles do my positioning much favours but so long as horsies backs ok I can deal ;-)

    2. I have heard that phrase before but not for a long time and I think it was from my Grandma. It's not quite so common over here anymore. :)

    3. Haha - yay grandma :-D


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