Friday 20 June 2014

No News

The saying usually goes that "no news is good news", dunno if that applies here but no news is deff not bad news so I'll take that as a win I guess.

Mama and N having a chat
I haven't managed to ride either girl since my last update as work has just been cray-cray & I haven't gotten out of the office before 7.30pm every evening!
Bah Humbug

However I have gotten out a couple of evenings to pet them, stuff them with carrots & slather their hoofs in the hopes they don't dry out & crack.

My "little" Nancy after our spin leading K a few weeks back
I'm really hoping I can get them back to a field near the yard at the end of this month so that I can get to them easier & have access to the arenas even if I've to work late!


  1. Darn for being too busy, hopefully that is a Yay for extra dollars for more horse things;)

    1. Sadly I don't get paid for overtime, I just rack up the hours and can take an extra 2 days off a month - in theory. However being so busy makes the practical side of that perk more difficult.
      Fingers crossed light at the end of the tunnel though ;-)

  2. I hope things slow down for you soon. At lease the girls look happy though :)

  3. The pair of them are fat as houses, but hopefully happy yes!
    I got two spins in over the weekend with my sis...shall try to pop up an update post at some stage today :-D

  4. Ugh your work hours sound awful. I how things settle down soon so you can get some pony time!

    1. You and me both hun!
      Thanks for the well wishes

  5. That stinks that you are so busy. Hopefully things slow down for you soon!


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