Saturday 20 December 2014

WTF?! - Edited to add photos

The fear is real guys...

How did this happen? It wasn't supposed to be ready till March - yet i got a call Wednesday to say it was ready and if i wanted i could get the keys early.
With my sister making the long trip home from Vancouver for Christmas and our not knowing when she might next be back. I took the plunge and figured why the hell not. Well besides the obvious fact that bank repayments will now be starting - but i guess they'd have started eventually and the sooner they do, the faster i can adjust to the hit on my salary each month & the quicker it'll all be paid off.
Now both my sisters can see my new flat as soon as they land off the planes. I haven't told them, I want to surprise them on our way back from collecting them from the airport with a quick detour.

Lux by Christmas lights @ night

I can share some photos of bare rooms if anyone wants to see (i don't mean totally bare, tiling, painting, bathroom fittings, windows, doors etc are all in) ... or you can wait for furnished pictures whenever I manage to start furnishing lolz
As i wasn't  expecting keys till March, the order for the couch was only made at the start of Dec, so it won't be ready until end of Feb/early March. I have to contact the shop i bought the kitchen from tomorrow and see when they might be able to come install it - probably not before next year due to short notice.
I honestly didn't think I'd be ticking  that item off my 30 b4 30 list this quickly - i figured it would'nt be until next year! #freakout

EDITED TO ADD a photo-guided tour

En-suite off main (eep my) bedroom 
Master bedroom
Hallway view from main bedroom
 First door on left = front door,
 saloon doors opposite = coat/shoe closet,
second doorway on left = main bathroom,
doorway opposite = second bedroom,
living/kitchen straight ahead
Second bedroom
Cozy main bathroom with yours truly caught in the mirror
Glass door between hallway
 & kitchen/living
Kitchen (top) - living (bottom) terrace doors left
Sorry photo quality so poor, it's difficult to snap photos in a small space with a phone - i don't know the best angles to get the most into frame. #awkward
Some of my favourite features include wood-look tiles in bedrooms & bathrooms; the stone-work on the bath & the glass door entering living area. Plus the terrace is massive, but i didn't get photos of that yesterday as it was getting dark and raining.


  1. Eeeek! I actually gasped over here at my end! Congrats, happy xmas!

    1. Aw thanks pet *hugs*
      Happy Christmas to you too - not sure how Santa is going to top a flat but we shall see ;-)

  2. So exciting!! Congrats! I would love to see pictures if you have the time. :)

    1. I snapped them all yesterday, on my phone. I shall edit the post to add in some.
      Hope you check back ☺

    2. I LOVE it!!!! It's so pretty!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

  3. So exciting and terrifying at the same time! I loooove those floors.

    1. You hit the nail on the head with that. While it was all from plans & stage by stage after that it was all a bit surreal & I was kinda detached from it all as I have woeful imagination and couldn't picture the end result. Now with keys in my pocket & free rein to come and go as i please it is so real & super exciting.
      The bedroom floors are prob my fav, they're tiles that look like parquet - awesome sauce!
      Antracite/grey/black ones are going to be a nightmare to keep clean, I'll be washing them every few hours. Lucky one of the phew things I have already bought for the flat is a vacuum cleaner rofl ☺

  4. What a nice space! I know the payments/moving is a little scary and intimidating at first, but you're going to have so much fun making it feel like home when you get all settled :) Love how bright and cheery, yet modern it looks!

    1. Super intimidating, but like the increased workload at the office & balancing 2 horses. I will adjust in time and it'll be my norm soon ☺

      It's funny as if I'd tried to imagine how I'd decorate my place before I started it never crossed my mind to have it as it is now. It's all down to the kitchen i happened upon - will share photos of that once installed. The whole colour scheme has been built around the kitchen

  5. aahhh omg what a surprise!! and so exciting!! the apt is great and i also love the master bedroom floors -- good luck moving in and getting all settled :D

    1. Thanks girl, it was a super surprise. Best early Christmas present as i get to show my sisters while they are back. Will be a while before I move I'd say as it wasn't supposed to be ready till March so nothing is ready yet ;-)

  6. Wonderful! It looks beautiful! :) Merry early Christmas!

    1. Thanks lady, I know it's not much to look at now being empty rooms and bare walls. Once kitchen goes in i can start adding furniture (must buy beds!).


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