Tuesday 17 March 2015

March Madness

Being an Irish expat during March is 100% cray.
Dog sitting & working as normally makes it extra hard!

I managed to ride both girls Saturday and had wonderful spins on each. I had hoped to get a more detailed post written, but didn't manage as it has been stupid busy in my life. I will just say that Kika started off with a silly spook and then worked like a trooper for a good 40 minutes afterwards & Nancy rode like a dream. Considerably less fishtailing than previous spins - not 100% better but definitely progress :-)

The girls being cute on Saturday afternoon
Sunday the girls got turned out for a lovely afternoon in their lightest amigo turnout sheets.

Monday was the start of the Cray-Cray,  work was mental which made me late for the Judges St Patrick's day party for Irish members of staff. I was barely there 5 minutes when I had to leave again to meet a friend as I'd won free tickets to cool aussie singer song-writer. Monday was also the first night of my dog/house-sitting for my colleagues three pooches.

Nancy's bastardised bridle with brown cheek pieces

Today wasn't any quieter, on my lunch break another work friend came with me to walk the dogs. Then I went back to the crazy-work-grindstone; my lunch sat on my desk uneaten as i just didn't have time to eat it. After work i had to go buy supplies for the Paddy's party we organised for tomorrow for 50-75 of our closest colleagues O.o
I managed to swing home after collecting my mother from a Paddy's day Embassy do, had a quick shower. Spoke to my dad before sneaking into barn 15 minutes before closing to check on the girls. They were so cute, Nancy was so surprised to see me she just kept staring. Then I continued on back to colleagues house to the dogs and am heading to bed now to hope to sleep.

2 of the three pooches being cute

Phew - am so glad I have managed to get Thursday & Friday off work to recharge the batteries before a yard organised day/bus-trip to Equitana Germany on Saturday.

Happy St Pat's all - i cannot wait to see my girls moar on Thursday & Friday on relaxed terms!


  1. Happy St. Pattys day! it's one of my favorites. my heritage is Irish and I spent some time in college living in Ireland. So beautiful! I have on my "bucket list" to take my daughter there... soon.

    1. I hope you can tick it off your bucket list, I know i am biased but i find it a wonderful place to visit and tufted there myself for 4 years.
      Whereabouts were you based for your studies? ☺

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!
      Hope you got to paint the town green ☺

  3. Happy St Pat's Day!!! glad you and the girls are doing well, even if a little busy :)

    1. I am truly blessed that they are so forgiving of my shortcomings and understanding in their gentle giant ways

  4. Replies
    1. Paddy's week is always particularly bad as an expat, made considerably more hectic with the dog sitting - but i survived and really enjoyed myself too ☺

  5. Happy St. Pat's! Those busy times kinda seem like they are terrible, but are really fun to look back on. You get to do so many fun and interesting things :)

    Have a BLAST at Equitana! That sounds SO FUN!!

    1. You are 100% right, was super stressful in the lead up to & all the work involved it seeing everyone happy at the end of the day totally made it all worthwhile...The next day when I was not in work & having an epically lazy day for myself ;-)

      Equitana was awesome, I cannot wait to update!

  6. I hope that you had a great St. Patrick's day and that you are having an awesome time at Equitana!

    1. I did to both the above, thank you sweetheart!
      I can't wait to get an Equitana update done tomorrow when I snap all the pics of my haul ☺

  7. My friend from America who came incidentally to accompany me to Equitana had been to Ireland and told me there is no such thing as St Patricks Day in Ireland - is that false?

    We celebrated the day by taking 4 trains to and from Cologne (to the world famous cathedral) and paying for NO train tickets at all, "in the hope that the Irish luck is with us." and...it was. My German friends were appalled, my husband was in Austria so he couldn't chastise me...but heck....we're Amis.

    We did, however, pay for the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn: )

    Please tell more about Equitana!

    1. St Patrick's day used to be more regional or rather celebrated by individual villages which each had their own parades. Then the Internet happened and New York showed us up so Dublin stepped up the celebrations big time.
      Really St Patrick's day is an excuse for people to go out and get drink so far as I can see. The 4 years i spent in Ireland i took it as an excuse to spend more time with the horses on the family farm as everything is always closed on the 17th.
      However as an expat living abroad i have always been heavily involved in he promotion of Irish culture & dance since I was young. There are ceilis & music sessions organised all over the place to promote our heritage


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