Friday 26 June 2015

Friday Funzies

I skadaddled outta work early today at 3.30 so that I could go for a long stroll in the woods with the girls & a friend of mine. I now feel kinda bad as said friend prob hasn't sat on a horse since this time last year and we went on a mahoosive 2h+ amble through the woods...even poor Nancy was tired - Kika as always was a different kettle of fish *steam+my ears*


As always when hacking with someone else; i take silly sod Kika and give my companion steady eddie Nancy for their safety and mine if Kika pitches one of her bitch fits and cannot possibly forward. Nancy is the best at hand-holding and ambling along like nothing has happened...she may even have a patented look reserved for waiting on Kika antics. I call it the get-your-shit-together look. I think if Nancy could physically roll her eyes at Kika she would.

K striding out boldly in the lead
with happy pricked ears

In saying all that Kika really wasn't bad considering the amount of time we were out & the fact that she hasn't been ridden in the woods in months (think April when my sis last visited - LINK). Sure she regularly accompanies myself & Nancy as we stroll in the woods - K walks alongside us in a halter as i hold her leadrope but in all honestly she is practically sleep walking and almost snotted herself walking *ahem* stumbling down a tiny incline on our before last wood walk adventure. To be fair for our last forestry stroll on Tuesday she was wide awake to take full advantage of scoffing opportunities and the fact I forgot to grab a crop to dissuade her from tasting everything we passed. She is usually good & listens to NO but only if i catch her before her teeth latch on. Sadly for me yet luckily for her if i am concentrating on Nancy or cyclists/joggers/dog-walkers/cos-players (yep I've come across people dressed up for cos-play including plastic swords before while hacking in the woods) then K rather rightly deduces scoffing is fair game - can't blame a girl for taking chances and grabbing any opportunity life offers.

"Pffft please - i ain't afraid o'no ghosts" cos K is a
"BAMF who don't take no shit from nobody"
(brownie points for guessing the awesome movie quotes)
Yes dear readers when food is involved spooky-scardey-cat K
 is all over the otherwise terrifying tarp *eye-roll*

Kika really only had two meltdowns and both were towards the end of our ride. The first one I managed to get her back on track without major fireworks & drama. The second time I dismounted and led her part of the way before remounting.  As the big dumbo turned anyway but the way I was asking - namely heading back down the trail we had started 2 hours earlier. *eye-roll* She really is her own worst enemy as up until that point i had been so super proud of her good behaviour and bold striding out to the front and leading for most of the way home.
She was really just throwing the toys out of the pram and didn't want to turn the way I was asking - just because I was asking & she was in front by her own steam no less! I reckon had she been dawdling along behind Nancy (who was on a real go-slow at that stage) i honestly don't think we would have had any issues whatsoever.
It is almost comical really as they are such different personalities. As Nancy tired she slowed and slowed some more practically dragging her nose on the floor. However as Kika relaxed into the ride she'd end up power-walking well in front of N & be happy out striding with her ears pricked until an offensive dock-leaf was leaning more onto the path than the others or there was a patch of sunlight that she found offensive then she'd spin and try to hide behind Nancy to hold her hand and pass the big bad scary. Whereas Nancy had the same attitude for the whole spin - the only thing that annoyed her were the flies which she cannot particularly abide & that is absolutely fair enough. *nod*


  1. I love reading about their different personalities! Nancy seems like such a steady soul, and Kika is too funny!

    1. They are both hilarious & adorable in their own ways.
      I had a huge reply typed out to this comment. So long that i decided to make it its own post going into furher detail on their personalities with to my mind witty turns of phrase & anecdotes but somehow between cut & paste i lost the whole thing!!!!

  2. oh silly Kika.... hope it was still a fun ride!

    1. Ot was an awesome ride, pity she got stroppy towards the end but sometimes that just how the cookie crumbles.
      I can sulk a little but really I shouldn't as she was very good for 95% of the spin - so i chose to focus on the overwhelmingly good before the bit of bad ☺

  3. Kika is too funny! I love a good Nancy that will just bumble along though

    1. Kika keeps me on my toes & laughing alright, Nancy is such a sweetheart. There really is no other word to describe her patience both with Kika & me - N truly has a heart of gold ♡♡♡


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