Monday, 7 November 2016

Make-up Monday

Apologies again for falling off the blogosphere, I'm afraid I just don't have much to share. Thankfully all is going well with the ponies. They moved in at night on Friday & got clipped Saturday so be warned photo dump coming...maybe for a wordless Wednesday 😈

Nancy's best bud F, Kika's lookalike
I rode Nancy in an arena yesterday for the first time in ages and she was lovely. A couple tense moments here and there but overall a good girl. She gets a little stuck in her head thinking about what might be asked of her next; but all I want is for her to work in a straight line - no lateral work. No biggie, we'll get there 😇
We did manage an amazing solo hack on a new trail last Tuesday as Kika made friends with the newbie on the field. Nancy and I haven't been on a purely solo hack (without Kika on a lead) in years. Nancy was a rockstar, didn't falter once nor was she anything but willing to move on with a happy swinging stride. Not an ounce of stress at being all on her own - I obvs don't count as company ... well not in Kika's mind 😂

Love the leaves on our solo hack 
Kika and I have been mostly accompanying people into the woods and have really worked on her "bravery". K likes to pretend she is a giant chicken and incapable of leading when strolling in the woods - however once she does get (ahem is coaxed) in front she marches on like a boss & actually leaves Nancy in her wake. Nancy does also slow way down when K takes over the lead so there are two of them in it as K does stride when in front lolz
We are getting better at keeping them both side by side for better chatting opportunities 😀

Big brave Kika leading the charge in the woods


  1. Good to hear from you and glad the ladies are doing well!!

    1. Thanks babes, trying my best to keep up with everyone else's adventures too

  2. Replies
    1. I feel like I haven't had much to share of late 🙈

  3. Awww.. I miss your girls! Glad things are going well! I can't believe it's been a year already. :(

    1. Crazy how time flies, still feels like just yesterday you guys were here ... when you coming back?! 😉😇

  4. Replies
    1. I am blessed alright with both location of where I'm able to keep the girls & how good they are on the trails
      💙❤💚💛💜 them


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