Tuesday 3 October 2017

On the road again

Oops I now have Donkey from Shrek singing that song in my head now as I write this post

My dear Miss Kika headed off on her adventure this morning. Collection was pushed back from 8am to 9am due to bad weather en route - but it was actually closer to 9h30 when the mahoosive truck pulled up.
When they informed me last night that they were coming in an 18-horse truck i started to low-key freak out as to how on earth they were going to turn or even find a loading area for such a large truck around our yard.

I was nervous about how she would load as not only had she only left the yard twice in the 7 years she had been here. With her last off property adventure being back in 2013!
The only other time she had been on such a large vehicle, she had not initially gone on all that willingly. Apparently when she left my aunts yard in 2010, she didn't do so without making an impression. Just as she was being lead towards or on to the ramp (I'm not 100% as I wasn't there, have only been told the story), Miss decided she wasn't going. She got away and hightailed it back up the drive before jumping a closed gate and knocking a bit off it 😅
Needless to say she was caught and got on the truck at the second attempt - but this may have been playing on my mind as I prepared to load up.

They very cleverly to my mind reversed into the entrance and parked on a slight slope which thanks to having air suspension in the truck they could stabilise and level it off so that the ramp up was considerably less steep than it might otherwise have been.
Clever and all as the truck itself is and the amazing driving capabilities of the drivers to get the beast of a machine into such a position. My unease around loading was further impacted by the fact that not only did I have to lead Kika past the flapping leftover tents that hadn't yet been put away after Sunday's competition at the yard; but the field across the road is where she had spent her spring & summer and wouldn't you know that we had an audience of very interested parties the form of Nancy, O & F - the three amigos.

Taken after I gave them each an
 "I'm sorry for sending your friend
& fearless leader away"
Once again Kika completely bowled me over with her handling of the situation. She got a little antsy as we approached the flapping tents. But as we stood waiting for the truck to get into position (how I got the pic) she settled right down when I chatted to her and patted her neck. She alternated between keenly watching the truck, looking across the street at her buddies and when she relaxed mouthing the top of the whip (i had it in case a bit of coaxing would be required).
I was pleasantly surprised when she resisted the urge to scream in my ear, thankfully she mustn't be in season as when she is there is definite screeching.

My mama came to say cheerio
and wish her ladyship safe travels
Kika floored me with her trust. The driver and handler offered to load her if I wanted. I said I'd try first as she knows me but if it got hairy I would gladly hand her over to the professionals. I needn't have worried, she walked to about a stride away from the ramp and stopped to gawk. I gave her a pat and told her to take her time to suss it out. She took a step forward on her own, curiosity winning out and raised a foot to test the ramp. She put her foot back down but didn't back up. When I praised her and asked her to come forward with me she meekly walked up the ramp with me 😍🦄😍

Having her first and last gawk
out the window this morning 

I could not be happier with her or the transporter who not only remembered me from having delivered Nancy 4 years ago. But he also recalled (unprompted) the conversation we'd had about my other horse (Kika) who hadn't travelled well with another company - he brought it up and made the connection himself so knew to keep a close eye on her water consumption. I also gave them the bottle of electrolytes in case she needs coaxing to drink.

On her way
Any outstanding nerves I may have had about her travels had been lessened by my experiences and I cannot wait to see her when she arrives in Ireland. Now to figure out what clothes I can bring based around fitting a saddle pad & my helmet into my carry on luggage 😊
I may also be bringing my Ogilvy pad and will attempt to convince anyone who may ask that it is a new fangled neck rest and all the rage dahlin'
I have washed the cover - fear not 👍

So far thankfully Nancy hasn't seemed particularly upset, but perhaps she thinks Kika is being kept in a couple days like she was earlier in the summer when she was injured.

She is such a cutie pie

I will keep you posted via insta (@lyssatra) and here when i know more. The tranporters this morning said it would be Friday or Saturday at the latest when Kika will arrive back to her Co. Cork home.


  1. She looks ready for an adventure! That is so cool your driver remembered you and your horses. That is someone good at their job. Glad you're active again ❤️

    1. Yep, driver deff put my mind at ease. On my way to airport now to fly back to Ireland so I'll be there to meet her when she gets back 🤞

      You're very sweet to welcome back my verbal vomit ramblings 🙈

  2. Safe travels, Kika! What a good girl for just walking on that trailer.

    1. She deff had the proud mama feels on display from me.

      Hopefully she is travelling well and won't hold it against me when she arrives back in Ireland. I cannot wait to see if she knows where she is as horses have great memories. Sadly only 1 horse that she used to know is still here - but on the upside it is Nancy's mama so I'd like to hope they can offer each other solace. Although I know horses don't process emotions like we do and I'm projecting 😂

  3. It's such a relief when they load well! Safe travels to her <3

    1. It sure is!
      I can't tell you how relieved I was 😊


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