Tuesday 15 March 2011

Fizzy Spin and Sparks!

Quick and hopefully little update (although if you've been following you'll by now be aware that i like to type! *blush*).
Was late leaving the office this evening, like an hour and a half later that i usually leave!!! So I was in two minds as to whether or not I would actually ride tonight, but figured I'd decide when i got home pending my tiredness levels. Figured I might as welln pop up especially seeing as how good of a girl she was on satuday i just had to try my luck again and see if we'd get as good a spin today.
Well we didn't, it wasn't as good but she deffo wasn't bad either - just fizzy and not really concentrating, but no misbehaving or even threats of misbehaviour! (so Great Success! *dance* )
I don't want to go all gung-ho here and think ourselves over the hump, but every step in the right direction is a good one in my book! :-)
Baby steps and all that, it's like my motto at the moment!

A couple of friends have recently told me that she is after filling out a bit and is looking well. I'll have to get a pic of her suited and booted so to speak with either me on her back or perhaps in her lungeing get-up. But that isn't always the easiest to do as yours truly does the lungeing, but I guess that is where camera phones come in fierce handy (geddit ;-) - oh lord I need help! )
I'm not sure how much of any muscle building may be apparent or translated into photos, but sure i guess it's worth a try...

Paddy's day celebrations over the next two days mean I'll only be getting to the barn late after lights out to dose her up on her drugs (herbie-stuffs) and shake up her bedding a bit. Should be interesting without light - as lights go off at 10pm - but as i'll be going up after Paddy's Day Do's it'll be after then. Luckily she has three white socks and white splashed about her face so even in the dark I can sees her! :p

Best not forget the sparks!
Missy-Moo, as I'm sure you now realise can be an opinionated young lady at the best of times and patience is not a virtue that she possesses (spelling?) an abundance of! Her attempts to speed my process up is stamping/front feet scrapping off the ground that when being ignored can sometimes lead to sparks!
And yet she suprises herself when her shoes lack grip and she slides around the place on the cement paths as if she's walking on an ice rink! She is such a numpty!!!
The crackdown on this behaviour has started however and she gets a wallop anytime she stamps or so much as threatens to start pawing the ground. The problem comes in when I'm not close enough to reach her, usually yelling works but for some reason this evening it didnt so much.
More than likely my own doing! I usually get her evening snack (an apple with drops inside from homeopathic woman and some garlic flavoured nuts in anticipation of her summer outside to hopefully keep the flies at bay aaaannnd some red berry treats and bits of carrot) ready and in her feed trough while cleaning her stable when she's in the walker before we work, so that stable is ready for her when we finish. But as barn was busy tonight (longer days mean people are sticking around longer in the evenings to join us usual slow-pokes teehee - there is a gang of us at the same time every evening) I knew the spaces to tie her up to get her ready were full and so the tacking up process would have to take place in the stable so couldn't have her snack in there or wouldn't have been able to tack her up while she was stuffing her face and slobbering apple and carrot slop everywhere.
Long story - not so short - the strides i had been making with regards to her spark creation may have been affected by my poor stable management this evening, ;)

Phew - one day I will give ye the promised short update!
Guess it wasn't meant to be this evening!
Sorry! :p

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