Sunday 13 March 2011

Photo Time!

Not really much news to report from K and myself, just a quick update to post a few pics that i took on my phone last weekend although they could also have been taken yesterday as weather was identical, if not infact a little better yesterday.
On both saturdays i spent time in the saddle, yesterday was K and I's best spin since the issues re-surfaced at the end of January. We spent a good 30mins working in walk but mostly trot, with loads of circles and changes of direction. There were two other horses in the arena with us and K worked like a star, not paying them any attention once we'd settled and started working.
We even tried a bit of canter on our good reing for the first time in three weeks. Despite being on the wrong leg (my fault!) she was a star and was grand and calm not an iota of fuss made. I wasn't quite brave enough to attempt cantrering in the "bad" rein yet, so finished up on a good note!
Spin finished and with the nice sunshine gracing us with it's presence again i tied Kika up outside and gave her a going over "spa-treatment" style.
She even got a pedicure! *sniggers*
Pictures are from last saturday, but they could have been taken yesterday!


Check out my glossy toes:

"You talking to me?"

Pony does Vogue and poses for camera:

She has been such a star this week, a real pet when being handled in and around the stable. Even allowing hugs while being groomed yesterday, I think the better weather makes her a happier ponio.
Long may it last!

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