Thursday 7 April 2011

Kandel's Next Top Model

Kika was spoiled rotten last night, not only was the sun shining again (a glorious 23C at 6.30pm) but the masseuse came out to see her again and give her a once over.
She was well impressed with how Kika has come on since she last saw her 5 weeks ago, she said she has really filled out, grown up, settled down and looks happier in her skin. All music to my ears, boils down to the fact that I may finally be doing something right by my horse. She was glad that decreasing Kika's dose of the homeopathic oil by 10mls a day hadn't had a negative effect on her. She agreed with my plan to wean her off it while finishing off this bottle, as we both figure she shouldn't need it while she is living out for the summer (May to October).
Her prognosis was that she is still stiffer on her right side (bad side), but considerably better than she used to be. The right hind which had required work on her last visit was now much improved and looser. As i feared from the musculation she also agreed that i should get the "new" saddle checked to make sure it isn't pinching - bought this saddle in October/November, hopefully the saddle fitter who sold it to me will be able to widen it if necessary or else i still have my Berneys saddle (can't sell it - LOVE that saddle!) which may fit her better now that she's toned up, so we can always try that again if needs be... If not I'm hoping seeing as he sold me the saddle he may agree a trade on a new one if necessary!

So that was last night, rode her on monday and while she wasn't great she wasn't bad either. We did get some nice calm correct trot before finishing up for the evening. I am heading back to Ireland for a long weekend this afternoon, and my friend or "mentor" as I am now going to call her - see older posts for more info on her - she has been a fantabulous help to me since the 'troubles' started, is kindly looking after Kika for me while I am away. She will lunge her this evening (as the pessoa gear is hers shouldn't be a prob for her) and then she's going to ride her friday and either sat and/or sunday depends on time i think. I have no doubt that she is in good hands, *nod*, in fact she is probably better in better hands than if i was satying here as normal!

Anyways, now for the point of the title! *sniggers*
As I am heading back to Ireland for the weekend I will be goign back to where I kept Kika before moving her out here to me, so I obviously had to get some snapshots of her since she bulked up. Not sure if it comes across onscreen as wella s it does in person, but this is the best i can do i'm afraid!
Photos taken on my phone as I still haven't figured out my camera! *blush*

Sulky McSulkypants

But then she cheered up a bit, Tyra & Mr J must have had words with her ;)

There are images for comparisons sake in earlier posts if anyone wants to see a before and after... Post a comment and I can direct you to the right entry.

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