Thursday 28 April 2011

Sunshine Snackings

Not much in the way of "news" to report, just have a few pictures to share.
These were taken on Easter Monday when it was a glorious 27C and Kika had the first of her days off this week, darn beeing busy! *blush*
Snapped a few shots on my phone as I held her while she grazed. She can officially go out in the field for the summer on Sunday (May 1st), but am planning on only leaving her out for a few hours that first day so that she gets to know her field mates and doesn't pig out too much on the rich grass!
Right, before going on more about that here are the promised pics:

vvv Probably my fav of the bunch (Or at least tied with the last one) vvv

vvv Tied favourite vvv

No other news, as i mentioned above this week has kept me pretty busy. Monday was our day off and we were able to graze (see above snapshots, ;) ) and Tuesday we lunged in the pessoa. I was meant to ride yesterday (according to my own little schedule), but that didn't happen. I just about managed to get to the barn and give her stable a shake up and give her her homeopathic stuffs - we have brought the dose right down to 5ml 2 times a day. Planning on changing her to one dose of 10ml once she starts going out on the field and then judging on how much is left will cut her back to 5ml once a day until it's finished. Weaning process as discussed with the homeopathic lady...
I plan to loose lunge her tonight to give her a chance to clear any and all kinks out of her system after the little work she's had to date this week, then tomorrow, saturday and sunday I will chance riding three days in a row to make up for the messed up schedule. This will be the first time since Jan that I'll be riding her three days in a row, so hopefully I'll be able to keep it interesting enough for her that she won't go looking for her own fun!
Contacted the osteo and another saddle fitter, both require a minimum of 3 horses to come for a visit so have to go this evening and see if i can rustle up a few other bodies who want their horses looked at... Wish me luck!

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