Monday 16 May 2011

Now and Then...One Year On

As promised (but belated) now and then pictures of Kika's first year in Luxembourg.
It still upsets me to remember the stress i felt upon seeing her when she arrived on the continent, needless to say revisiting these pictures makes me feel like a terrible owner.

9th of May 2010

Unfortunately i do not have pictures from the exact day of her arrival anniversary as I am a sieve-head and completely forgot to take pictures on the 9th of May this year. But I did snap 1 shot on the 10th on my phone, so sorry if quality isn't great!

10th of May 2011

Had the osteo out to her last week to remedy two little blocks in her left hip/backside area. We had been having a spot of trouble with our canter and when the osteo pointed out the blocks it all made sense, :p A saddelf itter was supposed to visit the yard that evening to deliver another livery's new custom made saddle (the price of it - Yikes! - madness if you ask me as his mare is going to develop so much once she starts working properly that there is no way it will still fit her in 6 months time, but no tmy money so not my concern!)...well anyway they couldn't make it as there were ill and are coming this wendesday instead so hoping to get my saddle checked as I am not happy with it! I can more or less pinpoint the consistent misbehaving to the saddle change and the last few times i last rode her she had sweat marks under the seat of the saddle where in my opnion if a saddle fits correctly there should not be any marks! I have had the saddle fitter who sold me the saddle check it on her since she bulked up and they maintain that it still fits, i fail to see how it can as her shape has changed a lot! So getting a second opinion...
Long story short have no real news to update with as I didn't ride her last week as I was advised to give her two days off after the osteo visit. So we lunged on saturday and then lunged in the pessoa on sunday. I am going to ride her this evening nothing strenuous as as i mentioned i am not 100% on my saddle fitting so just a bit to keep her ticking over. The farrier is coming tomorrow and then the saddle fitter on wednesday, so I'll aim to update again after that!

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