Thursday 28 July 2011

Busy Bee

I've been a busy bee today, thankfully though everything fell together nicely and overlapped without incident. We had the saddle fitter visiting, the osteo booked and the vet was coming to check out warts between her back legs, phew!
Saddler arrived about 20mins later than was anticipated, but it was alright as osteo was also running late and she had 4 other horses to do as well as Miss Kika - so i asked for Kika to be done last so I'd have time to try out the saddle(s).
So saddle fitter arrived and didn't have as many GP saddles as he'd hoped, only 4 left in stock and he informed me that he wasn't going to be ordering anymore till the saddle companies released the new models in September. Tried the first one on, no go and the next three none of which sat properly on herself. There was one saddle left in his trunk, a brown one which he said was second hand to which i said, I don't mind we can still see if it fits.
Wouldn't you know that one fit the best! So he's left it with me for a week to try out at my own leisure and see how we get on with it. He couldn't tell me how much it'll cost as i presume he has to check with the seller...
Here's a pic i took of it just before i left the barn, I'm not sure what type of stubben it is have no other info on it! The girth guard does say Siegfried on it, but for all i know that is Mr Stubben's first name, will inspect it closer tomorrow or saturday to see if there is a type name on it anywhere...

So tacked herself up, she had spent a good 30mins in the walker waiting for him to arrive (as I'd popped her in at 10.45 in anticipation of his arrival at 11am), and brought her to "oour" arena where i lunged her at walk/trot/canter so that she'd get a feel for the saddle before adding my weight to it. As if she was uncomfortable in it i'd rather she let me know while i was still on the ground, ;-) Especially as she hadn't been under saddle in 2 months and only under rider 1 week!
As usual she pleasantly suprised me and behaved really well, after the few minutes lungeing on both reins, i hopped up and first thing i noticed was that the seat itself is rock hard!
Adjusted the stirrups and off we went in trot and tried out canter as well afeter a bit, we circled, changed rein, figures of eight and serpentines and Madam worked well - she got a bit bouncy in canter and threw a couple bucks, but nothing vindictive or mean or unseat-worthy. All in all i was happy with it, once i got working the hardness of the seat was forgotten, but we'll see how my backside feesl tomorrow, ;-)

Once cooled down and back in the yard, i was waiting for my (her) turn with the osteo, as we were last in line I was glad to see the vet arrive. (Kika isn't the most patient and standing tied up for long lengths of time can lead to foot stamping and sparks as her shoes repeatedly strike the floor, *roll-eyes*) She had a quick look at the warts between her back legs, one of them was dried out and practically falling off on it's own so she helped it on it's way and will send it off to a lab for testing - here's hoping they're not cancerous! *quibble* But in saying that she has warned me that it may be too dried out for proper results annd that we may have to take one of the other ones. She put bands on two others and there is one other pronounced on that she was reluctant to tough as it would need more than the bands to be removed. I am to keep an eye on the other two now and if i manage to see them/ be there when they come off to pop them in the freezer and she can send them to be tested also, ;-)
Must remember to warn parents if this happens - seeing as freezer is theirs...! But seeing as she is living out for the summer / till the end of October if they fall off while she's in the field i don't stand much chance of finding them, ;-)

As i said everything thankfully somehow managed to slot perfectly into a time continuum, and shortly after i finished with the vet the osteo was ready for us. I had left the saddle on her (mean i know, but i had loosened the girth) so that the osteo could have a look and let me know what she thought. 90% fit, which is pretty good considering it is the only one of the saddles that fit her lol.
The good news then kept coming, even after my spiel (story) about how Mademoiselle had been out injured and on box rest etc etc - including her clumsy fall while lungeing...K passed the osteo with a clear bill of health. Not a thing out of place so we are good to go to try out the saddle for the weekend (tomorrow is a pessoa day)!!! Third time the osteo has seen her and it's the first time she's gotten the all clear! To say i was happy is an understatement! Admittedly she injured herself about a week after her last visit and hasn't been worked very hard in the last 3 weeks as we have been building things slowly - but it's still great to know that i finally appear to be doing something right by her!

Went home then for some lunch/breakfast as it wasn't till i'd finished worrying about her i remembered the fruit i had brought with me for breakkie! As i had the new saddle to try for the week there was no room in my locker for the "old" saddle - so rang my dad to see if he might come collect me with it - I get strange looks when i walk the 10mins home carrying a saddle! I've done it before but it was dark and not many people/cars about but during the middle of the day people would think me very odd, and as my aunt likes to say "some of us have to live around here!"
He agreed and agreed to take me to a tack shop a little bit away (as in i couldn't really get there by bus) as a friend at the barn had told me that they sell saddles second hand, saddle fitter that came this morning said he wouldn't sell my saddle for me. So rang the other tack shop after a shower and some lunch to ask if they sell saddles for people and told him the type of saddle i had. He said normally we don't sell those saddles, but if you bring it out we'll have a look and see what condition it is in. Seeing as i've only had it since October i figured it was no skin off my nose to bring it out to him, especially as i'd given it the once over last night in anticipation of bringing it for re-sale. I wasn't to worried if he couldn't/wouldn't take it another friend told me of another tack shop (further away again) that also sell secondhand tack.
I needn't have worried, saddle is in good condition and he agreed to try and sell it for me, has guestimated it's re-sale value at €700-€800 which i'd be happy to get to be rid of it and put towards whatever i end up buying! It is considerably less than the €1100 i paid for it new, but as soon as i paid for it it started to lose it's value, lol.
It turns out he also fits saddles so i had a word to him to suss things out and see what kind of prices we'd be talking should things not work out with the saddle I am currently trying for the week (considering the guy i am trying it from isn't getting in anymore GP stock till September). Not only does he fit saddles but he also alters them to better fit the horse and rider, he also works mostly with stubben's. He showed me a couple GPs he had in stock along with the prices, so keeping my options open on that one. Will suss him out and ask around my friends what they know about him, although in reading his card after i left the shop - i'm pretty sure he did the saddles for my very good friend M and she raves about him...

So that's been my day so far - feel like it's been a great day off work! :D
Will be heading back up to the barn in a bit as started her on a 5 day Panacur dose to flush out a different type of worms than those targetted by the other stuff i use every 3 months. So have to pop back up to give her that later and perhaps a few of the treats i got her while at the tack shop! :p

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