Wednesday 27 July 2011

Matchy-matchy...going to far?

Thanks to THIS site I just spent an hour of my working day playing with colour combination options for matchy-matchy obsession...Or rather it isn't yet but may well become one soon as I had so much fun! :p
To see what I mean i saved and uploaded some screen-shots to my photobucket! ;-)

The obvious "go-to" colour for me is purple!

Next I've always fancied that Yellow would suit herself!

Then I thought I'd get a bit silly and see what fluorescent green looked like, ;-)

Continuing in my silly mood the poor ould'dear  ended up resembling a traffic cone!

(Although in saying that a friend at the barn has a nice bring orange numnah/ear-thing for her bay horse and it suits him down to the ground - not so my poor Kika)

And then back to some sense for a splash of Burgundy

And then just cos the colour caught my eye, we tried a bit of sky blue!

Unfortunately I had to leave it at that as I was getting carried away and I am after all here to work! :p

Have my loyal readers any colour combinations they'd like to see or think might look well? I refuse to go near Pink and am not sure Lavender or pale colours like that would suit us, not to mention that they would be a nightmare to keep clean!
There was a nice red-y magenta type ensemble that i thought might look nice! Also wish I'd tried bright red, although that may be a bit much for her... Who knows the day is young yet, ;-)

Also while on the subject of matchy-matchy and with the saddler coming tomorrow...I know i may not get a  choice in the colour saddle that fits us, and i went through a phase of wanting black tack... but am now thinking brown might suit us better...
Eitherway i will probably be in the market for a new briddle depending on what saddle we end up with as have had current one since i bought Kika 4 years ago and selfishly fancy a new one! Am hoping to see if i can twist a deal out of the saddler as he sells all tack... * whistles innocently *

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