Monday 11 June 2012

Ponio Portrait

A wonderful artist from S2S Froum kindly did a portrait drawing of Miss Kika from the picture below.
I am totally in awe of her talent!

From the following photo

How great is that?!
I have another picture commissioned - am looking forward to getting both framed when they arrive - don't worry I will also post the second one when ready! :D
The wonderful artist also has a blog - LINK, she takes commissions and thankfully has a paypal account to facilitate payment - which IMO is very reasonably priced and she'll send the drawing out to you when she's done!
When i last spoke to her today, she is hoping to set up a facebook page to help get her work out there so be sure to follow her blog & like the fb page when she gets herself set up!

Thanks again so much to my lovely namesake who has way more artistic talent than I could ever dream to have! Heck, I can't even draw stickmen!

LOVE, Love, love my drawing and cannot wait for the second one!
Thanks again A!

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  1. Oh thank you so much for this post! I'm so happy that you like it :) I'll hopefully have the other one done by the end of the week/very beginning of next week at the latest! Thanks again :)


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