Wednesday 20 June 2012

Uneven Update

I haven't had much to report as I haven't been able to do much with Kika since she got in the scrap in the field almost 2 weeks back.

Had vet out on friday as Miss K got a couple kicks the previous week and although cold-hosing brought down the swelling and heat very quickly she just wasn't 100% right in herself - so I called in the proffesionals.
She said she was fine on the hard surface/tarmac to walk and trot (including little circles) which was good news. Brought her into an arena for a spot of lungeing on soft going - to which vet agreed she was a little off. However she couldn't pinpoint if it was muscle ache from kicks or if Kika has somehow tweaked something in her back.
Vet gave me powders to help release lactic build up in muscles (i think that's what they're for - not always easy when vet trained in German to have right vocab in English, but we make it work, ) - if she's still 'off' after a week could be back issue and have been advised to get osteo/masseuse out to her to release whatever may be blocked.
I can still ride and was in fact advised to keep her moving however, only walk and trot until she is back to 100% and mostly straight lines and big circles...might even get around to testing my bottle and re-braving the big bad world of forrest hacking!
Best Buddies - C & Kika on friday evening

Sunday took Kika for a spin in one of the arenas, lil sis asked if she could have a spin so I got to see K moving from the ground with my own eyes - which helped pinpoint where she was off - as not easily felt when i'm on board.

I didn't make it to the yard on Monday as was invited to a garden party by one of the Judge's, Tuesday I gave her a lunge outdoors - was still not happy with her hind end action on the right hand side.
I hopped up for a walk & a bit of trot this evening as recommended by vet and asked 'The Guru' to have a look to tell me what she thought as i still wasn't happy...She agreed that she is quite sore behind and possibly even slightly worse then she had been when she first saw her Saturday week.
I have since heard that the ladies may have been fighting again in the field as there was talk from onther liveries about someone having got sticthes - so must text that owner and see what story is...
If there was more scrapping it would deffo explain why limbs not healing as hoped!

In better news the second Kika drawing was finished last week - but i didn't want to unveil it until i had paid for it!

So here it is with the picture it was drawn from below!

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I absolutely adore it and think it has captured Kika perfectly!
Thank you so much to Aoife from photosandsketches, i cannot wait for both images to arrive and get them framed!

I cannot recomend Aoife enough, her work is fab and her price very fair - she works quickly and efficiently. I don't think i need to emphasize her unreal talent - the two drawings she has done of Kika are spot on and IMO gorgeous!


  1. I realised after posting that the above post may come across a bit scatty or incaring for my horse's well being...she is not yet finished the powders vet gave me. If after the weekend she is showing no improvement shall consider my options re:recalling the vet vs osteo/masseuse to de-block her.
    Must also talk to fellow paddock ornament owners to find out if there was more scrapping as if there was that could explain why she's a bit worse than she was if she got into more fights!

  2. Aw poor Kika, hope she heals up and gets better soon. :) The portrait's you got done are really gorgeous, they have every little detail in it don't they.. Fab.


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