Friday 14 September 2012

Dressage Dabbling

Okay so the title is a little misleading and I haven't actually been doing dressage so much as just riding flatwork in my dressage saddle - not pony dancing like the superstars from the Olympics!
However we are making progress - or at least it feels like we are to me, L may beg to differ if and/or when she next gets her hands on me for a lesson/help session.
I rode the last two days in the main arena, last night with one other rider and the radio on - thankfully no messing from Kika and today with quite a few other riders with thankfully not gridlock traffic!
It is the biggest arena and I like using it as the whole back wall is covered in large mirrors so I can attempt to keep an eye on how we're doing - I mostly use it to check that I am on the correct diagonal when rising trotting, again I think I am getting better at noticing when I'm wrong - or maybe I just got lucky today!

We have been doing our best to stick to the inside track to try and strengthen my legs and to stop Kika hogging the sides - it also helps in encouraging her to bend and we're slowly making a better shape with less gawking to the outside...or at least when I remember that that's what we are supposed to be doing!
As always we do a lot of circling, changes of rein and serpentines...have to keep changing it up and one step ahead of Miss Clever Clogs. Have been trying to also work more transitions into our schooling, trotting is our best gait shape-wise, it falls apart in walk unless i am really concentrating on keeping it all together as otherwise she just flops down a gear and stickes her nose out - halt has a similar effect on her combined with head tossing and a form of zig zagging when we have to walk again...shall work more on improving both of these.
I feel like our canter is getting there, strike-off on the "bad" rein has been more hit then miss the last two days - which is great! It is also starting to take shape - although the "good" rein is still miles better, so we spend a lot of time first working on the "bad" rein then considerably less "good" rein cantering...I am not sure if this is really the best course of action - must say it to L and see what she can suggest, I'm always open to opinions if any readers care to share!
Constructive criticism is always welcome - although i understand that it is difficult without some form of image to go from.

I am trying to work more canter transitions into our work also and have branched out from mostly circling to also going down the longsides of the arena while attempting to hold our shape without loosing the run of ourselves.

So that's what Kika & I have been at the last two days - apologies again for the lack of pictures. I always have great intentions of snapping images on my phone as i head to the barn but then completely forget about it as soon as I get there! I do feel bad about all the waffle and think that as readers you all deserve a reward of at least some form of imagery!
Shall endeavour to do better!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ha, glad I'm not the only one that always smacks my head as I leave, remembering my good intentions of taking pics. I do love your pics, Kika's a lovely girl. Sounds like you are making good progress, which always feels nice. I was just thinking I need to work on transitions, its one of those areas I think many tend to neglect in riding,even though its so important.

    1. Thanks KK,
      I really need to work more on our transitions! More up and down every few strides, I just get caught up in trying to get the right shape that the transitions themselves aren't as quick or smooth as they should be...practice makes perfect - or so I'm told!
      Will see if this theory proves correct or not over time! :D


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