Monday 10 September 2012

Happy Hacking

I somehow managed to spend no less than 6 hours at the barn yesterday!
Arrived at 2pm to meet up with a  friend to clean our tack in the glorious sunshine, L joined us after an hour and we all hung out chatting waiting for day to cool a little as L & I had planned to go for a hack in the woods.
Headed into the forest about 5.30 and mosied about for a good hour and a half. Mostly walking with some trotting and a nice stretch of canter thrown in for good measure. L's horse was on antibiotics last week for a cough and only coming back into ridden work - so we wanted to see how she was doing while not pushing too hard - fine line to tread.
Had to giggle at Kika though as her trot was all choppy & stressed and not really relaxed at all - silly sod, worked herself up a little but in asking her for a bit of concentration and by coaxing her to work a bit more in her trot she stretched out better and relaxed somewhat.
She had me laughing at her again when we had our canter, she got herself in a right muddle and struck off disjointed - so when she wouldn't correct herself I had to slow and start again. All good fun!
We also played in puddles - which with hindsight wasn't a great idea considering I had just cleaned my tack! Upon arrival back at the yard noticed it was all splashed & muddy - teehee - completely forgot while I was out hacking, I just like to test both Kika & myself and see what I can convince her to do for me.
Got back to the yard about 7.30ish, hosed herself, fed her and turned her back out with her buddies, it was after 8pm when I got home & that's when I realised I had spent 6 hours at the stable without any problem and at no stage was I bored or lonely lol!
Revelation how quickly time flies when you're having fun with friends!


  1. 6 hours is a long day well spent!

    1. Afraid more time was spent chatting then cleaning tack! I took lazy option and only cleaned one bridle and one saddle as well as headcollar, boots and gaiters.
      Did the GP saddle not so long ago on a whim a few weeks back, so hopefully it'll forgive me this time! :p
      Plus other bridle doesn't ever get used anymore as I lunge off of L's cavesson - should probably bring other bridle home and clear some space in my tack locker...


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