Sunday 9 September 2012

Indian Summer

I'm not sure if the term 'Indian Summer' is a worldwide one, but for as long as I can remember it means a late summer or nice September. Last weekend and this weekend definitely fit this description, temperatures have been hanging out at around 29C during the days.

Between house cleaning, food shopping (both for me & horsey), meeting family friends for dinner and all of this combining with the high temps means I didn't manage to get the spin I had hoped into Kika today as it was just too warm to do arena work before at least 8pm - at which time I was at the restaurant for an lucky Miss Kika got another day "off" today.

I did pop by the field as she's not yet finished with the powder supplement for her liver issue - so the lucky sod gets fed doing nothing, ;)
The upside to this is that I had the time and battery recharged on the phone so I snapped some pics of her and her field buddies chilling out in the field.
I tried to catch her "just-drank-tongue-out-holding-a-mouthful-of-water" face...but I didn't manage to catch it - the nosy sod was just too curious about the camera for me to get the shot from an angle that it could be seen clearly...however I did get some fun black & white shots with my phone.

Here they are:

Love this one!

Curious C (left) and nosy Kika (right)
Kika wondering what I am doing on the floor again - i like her head in this but body is at a funny angle...

Cranky C
"Are you sure you have no treats left?" asks C, as P sneaks into background
"Even if i half-heartedly put my ears forward?" - C

P the Pony!

So that's today's non-update...thanks for reading and stay tuned for tomorrow's update where I've agreed to go back into the woods with L!
Here's hoping it goes as well as last time, that I hold my nerve and keep one step ahead of Miss Kika!


  1. I think the term is pretty international, considering I thought it was an american term lol and you know it! Great pics of the ponies.

    1. Excellent - always great to know that English really is international, even though sometimes I wonder! Hahaha, heck our nearest neighbours the Enlgish and ourselves often have trouble understanding each other - so I really feel for people who learn English as a foreign language having to contend with all of us!

      Thanks for very kind comments on photos!


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