Thursday 13 September 2012

Vet Visit - The Results Explained

I managed to speak to my vet yesterday to discuss blood results I got through the e-mail last week and she is happy that Kika's Selenium level as that has come back in line with what is the norm for horses - so no more of the smelly granules in her feed which is nice.
However Kika's liver is still not 100% so we're to finish the apple flavoured powder from natural extracts she is currently on, not much left - i reckon I'll get another week from it at best. Vet said she'll then give me something else to give to Kika and we'll take another blood test in two months time to monitor for any changes.
Plus we'll have to re-evaluate everything when she comes off 24/7 turnout for the winter and returns inside as her feeding and what she's eating/has access to will change again.
I must actually try to speak to the people who gave us the use of the land last year and hope they're happy to let us use it again this winter as those few hours of turnout every day made for such a happy Kika!

Vet also said that we'll have to keep an eye on her eating habits and make sure she doesn't lose any condition as she (vet) said she (Kika) was looking very well last week and doesn't want to change anything with her - that makes me happy despite my thinking Kika's looking a little podgy...but that could be the hay bloating effect of face-stuffing in the field for most of the day
Admittedly when the vet saw Kika last Monday week they hadn't had their hay refilled - so was more refined then she has been since they got more hay again. I swear she doesn't move from the dispenser once the bale is added to it, bar the perhaps 10 strides to the water trough and back again - they lazy sods have actually worn a path in the grass back and forth between the hay & water

Hoping to have a spin in the Dressage saddle again this evening - dunno if L will be about or in the mood for a lesson. I honestly wouldn't mind if she is as I'd like to ride in the spurs again, but won't unless supervised - she has a few days off work at the moment and was planning on riding her mare this morning so may have the time to spare this evening if she's not too tired.

As always this is after getting considerably longer than I had fact I had originally intended to have the vet results in the Jumping lesson post last night - but then forgot completely about adding they have now gotten their own post!


  1. Hoping Ms K's liver gets better!

  2. Glad Kika's blood work is leveling out, she's a pretty little thing. I think you are very prudent to work your way into spurs with supervision, I have yet to trust my leg enough.

    1. I'm not sure I completely trust my leg!
      Unfortunately my horse is too smart and my legs too weak so she is inclined to ignore me. I don't ride in spurs unless supervised though - I've enough to be concentrating on when riding on my own, I prefer leaving that worry to lessons where someone else keeps me correctly focused - teehee.

      Thank you both for your very kind words!


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