Wednesday 31 October 2012

The Escapoligist Strikes Again!

Trust Kika to mark her final "official" turn out day by making a break for it!

Thankfully L was walking her dogs passed the field and noticed Miss Kika wasn't where she should be, so scanned the surrounding area and spotted her in the middle of a non-fenced cultivated piece of land - hopefully it hasn't been re-seeded with next year's crops yet.
I know nothing about farming, but hope that because we are heading into winter & frosts she won't have done any damage!

The Guru kindly popper her ladyship back in the field and turned to continue on her walk to exercise her dogs before she had to go to work. She wasn't gone 10 strides when she turned to check Kika was where she was supposed to be; only to witness her sneaky head-under-wire, wire-over-withers & trot under all the above to make her escape. Having witnessed the same said escape tactic myself earlier in the year I can but shake my head & fists at the too-smart-for-me-horse!

We had told YO (Yard Owner) that current was weak surrounding their field and although they got a smaller bale of hay on Saturday due to them coming in for the winter this evening the savages had scoffed it all. So Kika figured she couldn't possibly be expected to stay where she was for the day until I brought her in to ride & stay in this evening! Grrr!

Needless to say we're going to have to make extra sure our winter turnout area is triple protected against Horsey Houdini when we let the little darling out there tomorrow. Here's hoping three strands of wire & electricity will keep her where we put her. There is some grazing in there at the moment, but if they do a lot of running tomorrow that won't last them long. We've also got hay ordered off a colleague of L's dad - so we're prepared to bribe Kika to stay in the field if necessary - but as we learnt last year...that will only work so long as there isn't greener grass on the other side of the wire!

In other news, Kika was very well behaved for L's spin in the dressage saddle yesterday ahead of their training clinic this weekend. Unfortunately the cream the vet had put on behind her elbows is proving difficult to wash out and could make clipping tricky tomorrow - but she got two more washes with the isobetadine soap this evening and will have another in the morning before L rides again, then turn out for the afternoon as we supervise and finish fencing while keeping an eye on them - then L will clip tomorrow evening. Pictures will undoubtedly be added after the fact! Have to add to the collection in today's earlier post. ;-)

Rode her myself this evening and she was very good despite being in the stable all day - this bodes well for the winter ahead - especially as all going well she will stay in our turnout area and not be cooped up in her stable all day every day - as then we will both go mad!
I can always feel the difference in her after L has had a session on her back - everything just works much better. I'll be lucky if i can still ride one side of her after the weekend's clinic...fingers crossed i won't undo all the good work that will undoubtedly go into her while I'm away at my "baby" sister's graduation!


  1. She is a royal pain!
    Can't seem to accept that I do have her best interests at heart - and feels the need to take matters into her own hands...erm hooves ;)


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