Wednesday 28 November 2012

Half a Houdini

As title suggest Miss Kika is up to her old tricks again!
Although *knock-on-wood* so far our three tiered tape fencing with electricity is keeping her in the designated turnout area, however where we have let ourselves down is in the proper protection of the Hay bale storage area! *Shame-faced*

She got in yesterday and pulled apart i don't know how many of our hay bales :(
Tidied up as best I could and have decided she is on "house arrest" until we can sort out a better means of keeping her away from the hay. Which is unlikely to be resolved before Thursday evening at the earliest due to this evening's concert attendance. :-/

She really is her own worst nightmare!

Cool image I found of a lovely purple rug draped like a Grecian Gown

In other news, had a lovely spin last night despite my annoyance at her escapades and inability to recognise that I do have her best interests at heart. I rode in my dressage saddle in the main arena with the back wall mirrors to help me stay on the right diagonal when trotting.
We concentrated mostly on walk/trot transitions with lots of serpentines with and without volts on each loop, changes of rein on the diagonals and circles which increased and decreased in size as we were more warmed up.
I tried to particularly concentrate on keeping my outside had as a "brake", inside leg asking for the bend, inside hand guiding and outside leg on to stop her falling out on me when turning & paying attention to my legs and heels - phew was it a mental workout for me!

Fun letter box I spotted near a friends house last week - had to share!

I'm not sure what my Kika plans are for the rest of the week, she has truly thrown a spanner in the works with not staying away from the hay storage area when turned out. I can't do anything with her today due to previously mentioned concert, tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to pop her on the walker at lunch time while i turn O out. Thursday evening I hope to either ride or lunge but both will depend on how long it'll take L and myself to sort out new fencing and/or hay storage arrangements!
Friday I'm off to Paris for the weekend to take in part of one of Cirque du Soleil's European Tour - very excited as have been dying to see one of their performances for ages! Am going with two friends from work - so Miss Kika will have another quiet weekend for herself unless L offers to play with her - I never turn down such an offer!

If I'm not in touch again - have a great weekend!


  1. She is a naughty girl, that rug as a dress is interesting.I think I like it.

    You'll have to let us know cirque is!

  2. I agree with L that dress is interesting and I think I'm a fan too.

    I'm happy to hear miss K has managed to stay contained in the fencing. Hopefully she doesn't figure a way out any time soon. The lovely journey as a mare owner...


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