Wednesday 6 February 2013

Muck Monster & Snow Interuptus

No real news as despite having a lovely spring-like day for most of the day yesterday when I got out of my appointment at 5.30 last night the world was white! No idea how that happened as when I went in about 4.30, I left blue skies and was just thinking what a lovely mild day it was and that spring was finally here...not to be it would seem!
Anyways appointment was outside of town 6 out of my comfort-zone so I wasn't sure how to walk back into town so ended up waiting an hour and a quarter for a bus which then meant I had to take another bus to get back to town, before deciding sod it and going to have dinner with my mother to wait for the traffic to buzz off and buses to run normally again.

Outside my house this morning as I made my way to the bus stop
Needless to say I didn't manage to make it to the barn last night, but I had been there at lunchtime to turn Kika & O out for the afternoon. Snow was not so bad last night as it was this morning! L finished work early so she kindly brought them in and fed my girls for me, she also let Nancy out in the smallest arena for a bit of a run around to stretch her legs as it had been Kika's day for turnout.

Muck Monster
Not sure if the state of Nancy comes across from the above picture taken on Monday evening after her afternoon in the paddock with O. She had many's an enjoyable roll it would seem from the muck all over one side - wouldn't you know from the happy head up on her? ;-)
There is an 'after' shot from when I groomed her, but phone battery is dead and I didn't manage to e-mail photo to myself before it conked. She had a day off work that day and Kika got lunged in the side-reins, and was an angel to her credit.

As I mentioned above I have no real news to report as haven't done anything with the girls seeing as I didn't get to the yard last night. L has today off work (as she has to work Saturday - Boo!) so she'll turn then out and maybe ride one if she has time/fancies it - decision is hers. I'm more than happy to exercise both this evening, but neither horse will be negatively affected for being ridden by a better rider if she feels inclined, so who am I to refuse? ;-)

I'll leave you with a parting pic, snapped Friday evening when I had to two run together in a bid to help Nancy with her Canter - easier to loose school two and have them motivate each other than my being forced to chase them...

Apologies for quality of shot, phone & dark arena don't always work together


  1. Nice that you have L to help out! :)

  2. I can't handle that much snow!! D:

    1. Snow's ok compared to the black ice we had last night! That was heaps less fun! :(
      Scary trying to get horses in from the field when our footing and their footing is going - came from nowhere too! I got home roads & footpaths were fine by the time I left the house to walk to yard after changing I almost snotted myself stepping out the front door and there was ice everywhere & invisible to the naked eye.

  3. ugh, snow! So cute they get along!

    1. Thanks KK, get along might be a bit strong at the moment. Kika deff seems interested I think Nancy tolerates her though, lol!
      Which i find hilarious as I honestly thought Kika would be the problem based off her previous reaction to other horses!
      They love to surprise us and keep us guessing don't they? ;)

  4. Sounds great Aoife. Have been reading your last 4 posts so said I'd comment on the last one rather than them all.
    It really sounds like you are doing a great job with both your girls. Kika is going like a dream by the sounds of it, and its really handy that L is there to ride her too, wish I had a guru to take Millie sometimes too, lol.
    N sounds like she is still progressing great with you. She sounds very level headed as you said, any young horse would have freaked out in those situations. Well done on all your progress, looking forward to next update.

    1. Thanks Laura!
      Yourself and Millie do great without needing the help of a Guru, without L I don't think Kika and I would've been able to keep going. My confidence was at rock bottom & she was hurting and I didn't know what to do to sort out our issues.
      Fingers crossed we are out of those woods and can keep on our onwards & upwards cycle. :D

  5. Horses just love to roll in the muddiest parts of the paddock dont they.

    1. Yep, I'm just thankful neither one of them is Grey/White! :D


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