Saturday 1 November 2014

November Goals

I managed to fulfil the only other set of goals i set myself (way back in August!!!) which were to ride my horses and take a lesson. I managed both that month & then was relegated once again to weekend passenger. The ponies didn't mind as they were living out 24/7 and walking themselves around the field while scoffing.
Now that they have moved back in for the nights, I shall be resuming my lunch break scarper to turn them out & going back in the evenings to bring them back in.

Goal #1 - Ride week nights & weekends.
Goal #2 - Lessons for this coming week off if possible
Goal #3 - Get girls clipped
Goal #4 - incorporate no stirrups work on both each ride (even if just walk)
Goal #5 - ENJOY

I think if i can meet those 5 i will be super happy. Hardly complicated or difficult goals, but i want to be able to tick them off ☺
I had two lovely spins on my girls today; grooming was much easier coming from a stable vs living out day and night - strange that lolz

Kika and i worked on our walk and trot as we had the arena mostly to ourselves. Another rider came in & left, before coming back in again. K kept her concentration and actually worked really well considering she hadn't seen a saddle in 7 days.
Nancy was next and we had more traffic issues in a smaller arena with 3 others and a randomly placed pile of poles. One was very nervous and asked if we'd mind keeping our distance,  having had a troublesome horse not so long ago I was only too happy to oblige. When she left after a short time as her pony was just too nervous, one of the two remaining asked if she could lunge. Didn't bother me or Nancy, but space was at a premium. Nancy & I finished up after some sticky canter departs where she initially preferred to speed trot. We got 2 nice ones on each rein and called it quits with some final trot work. It was all very rusty, but again to be expected considering the lack of work all week.
This too shall be remedy with the week & winter ahead. I hope ☺


  1. I bet stabling them is really nice as far as grooming goes lol. I'm glad you're finally getting some riding time in!

    1. It sure is, although Kika came out with two lovely poop stains. Cheers girl *eyeroll*
      Fingers crossed i can log plenty saddle time

  2. Sounds like two excellent rides, all things considered! Love the goals, especially the last one :)

    1. Thanks, here's hoping I can meet them - especially the last one!

  3. nice goals (esp #5!) - hope the lesson works out :)

  4. Replies
    1. I'm not as dedicated or fit as you to take them completely off my saddle. But I would like to improve my position in the saddles & this should help ☺

  5. Fabulos goals. Perhaps I should set some for my human, what d'ya think?

    1. Can't hurt, although don't tell human that I'm in cohorts ;-)


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