Friday 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

My girls are more adventurous than me this year & actually got dressed up...

Instagram photo, same sunset in previous post but taken with phone camera

As MUCK MONSTERS again...very original ladies *eye-roll*
I swear Nancy in particular tried to bring the field with her. I mean I know they are going to miss the grass & living out 24/7 for the winter...but bringing mud memorabilia is going a bit far sweetie. ☺


They are now all tucked in their stables with a small handful of muesli & hay for their first night in since the end of April. I managed to get some work done on the winter turnout fencing this evening. I shall do the rest tomorrow afternoon (after riding them) while they are out there with me so that I can keep an eye on Miss Horsey Houdini. Although there is currently plenty green after growing in over spring/summer, hopefully Kika will keep out of mischief till I get the hay delivered some day next week.

Mucky Fuzzball

Yay for my "midterm" break, I can keep an eye on them, ride everyday & hopefully get a few lessons all going well :-D I love my job, but not having had any time off since a long weekend in early August has me feeling like I've earned a break *sigh*
Hopefully I'll have some more exciting pictures tomorrow & maybe even organise to have the monsters clipped while I'm off. I should probably get them done this weekend - but i don't want to rug Houdini yet! I want her to KNOW the electricity is on *mean-mama-me*


  1. lol they know the mud costume works - so why mess w success? lol hope you have a great break from work!

    1. Thank you, I hope it'll be good & that I can pack in plenty saddle time ☺

  2. Mud = Bleck! But very good costume:) Yay for some riding!

    1. Sadly no riding last week either, but that was my call as I'm often alone riding in the evenings and there was no one at home with me this week so if i had fallen & hurt myself no one would notice :-/
      Just rode both now though & they are so good & forgiving of my flakines

  3. Yay for a break! I'm glad you're getting some time off to get things done. :)


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