Monday 9 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Let me start off today's hopefully brief update - emphasis on "hopefully", we know i can prattle one...apologies in advance if this turn into another novel! - by wishing any and all who read my blog a HAPPY EASTER!
I hope loads of chocolate was received by all and that there are not too many upset tummies after all the scoffing!

Unfortunately I have no pictures or videos from my spin yesterday or today, which really is a pity as we got on really well both days! Admittedly that doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with my having ridden well!

Yesterday I rode in my GP saddle and worked with trotting poles. I had nine poles out in total; 4 trotting distance apart along the long side, three along a short side and then two down the center line which were intedend be be used to work on canter circles when laid out - but in the end i decided against canter work so just trotted over them for the start/end of my serpentines (depending on where i started them top or bottom of the arena) as they weren't well positioned for circling after all. I also worked a good bit in sitting trot and crossed my stirrups infront of the saddle to work without them for a while also.

Today was dressage saddle day and started well when i got down to the field to bring herself back in to see the two ladies tearing down towards the gap at full speed - upon closer inspection it was evident that Kika was in fact hightailing it around the neighbouring property!
Kicking her heels up on the fresh grass before attempting to scoff as much as possible before i caught her! Thankfully no damage was done either to herself, the land or the fencing - in fact i think from the carry on of both herself and her field companion (namely O was not in a state of utter abandonment) that Kika had only just jumped out as we arrived to bring them in - luckily too as the field she jumped into's gate was open!
Serves me right for doing trotting poles the previous day i guess, huh?!

I was a bit wary after this adventuring of hers that ridden work today could end in fireworks - however i needn't have worried. In fact it was one of our best sessions to date - although we have been having a good run of late today made me really happy with regard to the canter work we've been struggling with the last few weeks. The arena i usually like to ride in (my comfort zone) was busy with two horses lungeing, so i went for the main arena which was empty and is the largest - as i was worried about her escapologist carry on spilling over from earlier I wasn't overjoyed at the thought of riding in there but figured if worst came to worst more people pass that arena and would see her careening around like a mad yoke if we were to part ways, ;)

Thankfully, however as I mentioned above I needn't have worried! We got on great (I think) and worked awa happy out in walk, trot and canter! Yep - you're after reading correctly, we managed to get the correct canter lead striking off each time (bar one) and she settled nicely in her work into a lovely outline, really using herself and the arena - I need to put more work into keeping my backside in the saddle when she does this and of course my heels down!
I felt awful when I'd ask her to come back to trot as I'd realise i had been gripping with my knees (as always) and in transitioning down from canter to trot wound up imitating a sack of spuds as opposed to a rider!
I interspersed our canter work with more circles and serpentines in posted and sitting trot as well as rein changes and walk/trot transitions - to keep her head calm and active rather than allowing her get herself hett up about cantering. Plus when we can get the canter right first time I don't have to do so much of it...if that makes sense - I am a firm believer and adhere to the theory of: "if it ain't broke - don't fix it".
And today it was far from broke - so I was very very happy indeed!

Tomorrow will be a day off for Kika - or maybe I'll lunge her in the pessoa tomorrow evening ... she hasn't had a pessoa session in a while and after her Harry Houdini impressions this evening I'm not enthusiastic about turning her out tomorrow as I'm heading off to an Equi-Expo type thing (trade stands etc) somewhere in Belgium with L and N from the barn - so I'll be a long time making my way back to catch her if she goes gallivanting tomorrow.
The more i think about it the happier i would be if i were to leave her in her stable tomorrow (a) to remind her that her turn out is a priviledge not a right - although i seriously doubt that she ever learns that lesson as to date her "incarceration punishments" (lack of turnout due to escaping from enclosure) have always coincided with cold weather which meant staying in her stable was a happy occasion for her then, (b) I have heard mixed reports that snow and/or rain is forecast for tomorrow (which i know may result again in her being happier to stay in and hence not really be a form of negative repurcussion for todays "break-out") and (c) I don't want to get a phone call when I'm hours away to say my horse is after going wandering again!

As always this has been far from a small update - sorry to any and all who have read this far!
On my potenttial shopping list for tomorrow's equestrian trade stands are:
- Jodh boots and gaiters (if cheaper than brand i like and can get online)
- Rug prices as she still needs a new collection for next autumn/winter/early spring due to outgrowing all those i currently have ... speaking of I sent the bulk of them off today for cleaning before i sell them/put them away till next year - I had 3 stable rugs, an insulator, an excercise sheet and a cooler as well as two numnahs ready for cleaning! I have hung on to her turnout rug just in case predicted snow turns up I don't want her getting cold! But seriously - I didn't realise i was after making that much of a collection!


  1. Happy Easter. Take pictures of anything you buy :) Love shopping!

    1. Would you believe I did indeed do that, played Barbie-dress up with her yesterday evening.
      Shall update blog momentarily, ;)


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