Tuesday 10 April 2012

Wandering Wagon part II

Title says it all, I am raging at Kika!
She only has to wait till the end of the month to be out full time for the next 6 months...but NO! She has had a taste of spring grazing and now cannot possibly stay where I put her. She got out again yesterday, only an hour and a half or so after i turned her out!
Thankfully I was at home, I had decided against turning her out while I was at the Equi Expo in Belgium so only tossed her out on our return and gave her some hay in the hopes that she might stay put - which she did till she had scoffed all the hay and then went wandering!
In turning her out I walked the boundary where she'd gotten out the day before and figured that she hadn't jumped as I'd orginally suspected but that the wagon had shimmied under not one row but three rows of wire fencing! The neighbouring field is permanently fenced with row strands of wire and we have one row on our side at the same height as the neighbour's lowest row - if that makes sense.
Anyway super-brainy (to my horror) Kika realised that none of the strands of wire is electrified and snuck out under it - now she is 165cms at the withers and the lower strand of wire cannot be higher than 90cms-1m. I'd love to catch her at it to see how she is doing it - bloody Houdini!

Anyways, enough about that! Here are some pictures of yesterdays purchases!
I played Barbie-Dress-Up with Kika, teehee!

A new turnout rug - which I'll admit she didn't really need but it was 50% off, has a removable lining and is much warmer than her current turnout rug which if the winter we had this year is any indication for years to come she'll need thermal layering!
I finally found a Royal Blue saddle pad at the Fellini stand - so depending on how it works out I may be paying them another visit when they hit up the RDS in August! As they had so many lovely colour combos...

And last but not least, a new fleece rug/cooler type thing - which again she didn't really need but it was 15euros down from 75, so how could i walk away from it?! I think it makes her look like an oldschool war horse from Knights & Maiden days...but that may be more to do with my reading The Game Of Thrones series at the moment...

Am hoping to ride this evening in my dressage saddle and tomorrow evening have a chat to the instructors and see if they can leave the jumping course up after the lessons for me to play with...Shall update with pics if i can find someone to take them for me, ;)


  1. I like the cooler :). Which Game of Thrones book are you on? I'm on Storm of Swords :D

  2. I'm reading them on the Kindle and couldn't tell you the name of the books individually! :/
    It's the third one...
    Thanks have tucked the cooler away nice and neatly till autumn/winter...I'm hoping summer rolls in soon, :p

    1. Storm of Swords, thats the one I'm reading :)


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