Tuesday 1 May 2012

Field Frolicking - First Day Out

Quick update to share 2 videos and 4 photos taken of Kika this morning as she experienced her first turn out of the summer with her new field buddy P.

Now for a couple photos

And finally last video

All taken on my phone so sorry if quality not great. Also have no idea how to remove sound so apologies for chitter chatter in videos!


  1. Looks like she is having fun!

  2. That she most definitely did, thankfully turn out times have been considerably less eventful since - which is great news considering I've been doing so while on lunchbreak or before work in the morning. So I didn't have the time to be hanging around waiting for them to settle making sure they didn't come through the wire!
    Not an iota of fuss out of them while being turned out since. Last night was their last night in until November, all going well and no injuries this year - cross your fingers with me! :)


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