Friday 4 May 2012

I Love My Horse Moment

I had a real I my horse moment last night!
I had a smile from ear to ear, it really is the small things in life that can make all the difference in the world.
As you will have seen from my post above, Kika got to go out on grass this week. In preparation for spending the next 6 months out there stuffing herself,
I have been trying to monitor/stagger her grass intake so that she doesn't give herself a belly ache by eating too much too fast, so I have been bringing her in at night and leaving her out for longer periods of time during the day.

Yesterday I turned her out before 7am before i headed off to work and was back about 8pm last night to bring her in.
I saw that her field buddy, P, was already in as her sharer had ridden her and was chatting to the girl whose horse is on the neighbouring field (the horses can talk over the wire), and she was saying how Kika and her horse W were now best friends. We were having this discussion as i saw P being returned to her stable so i realised K was on her own and explained why she was so buddy buddy with the neighbour
V (my friend - W's owner) said they were just going out to bring in W and her field buddy F - so i said, right well i better go get my madam so that she doesn't go loopdy-lala and through wire for fear of being left alone...what can i say she's not the most sociable/friendly horse when in the stable (that's her territory - equines passing get nasty looks) but when out she doesn't enjoy her own company so much

Sorry this is turning waffly again! 

Power walked down to the field in the hopes of getting to Kika before V got to W's field - not the easiest thing as K's field is further away from the barn, , and I knew she'd be down the very end grazing near the neighbours so I wanted to get to her before V got to W - so that K wouldn't have to deal with her abandonment issues by chasing through the fencing to follow W in!

I was 100% sure I was going to have to walk to the end of the field to literaly haul her in as she can be stubborn as a mule when she doesn't want to be lead...we had many issues when i first bought her as she didn't know how to be lead!

Low and behold my utmost shock and pure joy when she saw me at the gate and trotted towards me of her own accord!

She got 3/4 of the way down when she heard the others start calling as V reached the field to bring them in, W has taken a dislike to being brought in and runs around like a lunatic. Bless Kika she turned to look at them, so i started walking towards her saying "nuh-uh - you are comin in this way deary!"
More shocks in store....she turned back to me and CONTINUED WALKING TOWARDS ME!

Boy was I ever glad i had brought a treat with me as she thoroughly deserved it IMO

Sorry - this turned into a novel, wish i had some sort of photographic reward of some sort for those who have read this far!

Made me so happy in a gooey-happy/proud-owner-moment.

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