Friday 25 May 2012

Happy Birthday Kika

Today is Kika's official 8th Birthday - to celebrate i decided to snap some pics in the evening sunshine @ 8pm as it so happens!
First up some blinding sunshine ones to get the gist of how lovely the last few days have been - uber Happy Days that it's a long weekend again! Yippeeee!

Same angle but without blinding sunlight interfering ;)

And then a few happy head shots as she got treats of some dried bread and an apple ... I know, I know - I went all out and really do spoil her! *sarcasm*
But hey - at least she appreciates it - teehee

Bread chewing happy face
Nom nom apple scoffing happy face - witness drool
How Miss Cheeky McCheekyson deals with the drool & what she thinks of theory that "age brings maturity"
Happy happy head to say: Thank You for the Birthday Wishes

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