Thursday 7 March 2013

Jump For Joy

As always - apologies for poor artistic ability

Kika and I had a jumping lesson last night over the above plethora of fences. I guess I'll start with a brief breakdown of the obstacles themselves ... nothing too fancy mind.

A - Cross Pole
B - Vertical
C - Vertical
D - Vertical with a cross pole bar on one side - plays with eyeline
E - Vertical
F - Oxer
G - Ground pole and triple/bounce type combination

Unfortunately I can't remember exactly each combination of fences we did nor the courses, but I'll try to talk through them as I think of them.

First off Kika was an angel, considering how little ridden work she has received in the last two weeks not to mention how long it seems since we last jumper, she didn't put a toe out of line. Our mistakes were (as always) all mine - namely that I forget i am capable of riding & steering when faced with a course of fences!
Things to remember:
- Ride a straight line after the fence
- I ride the horse - she doesn't take me where she wants!

Warmed up w/t/c on the flat while L and N (another yard friend) put away their horses - I was the gopher while the rode, fixing poles etc and then they helped me out and stuck around to help tidy everything away again afterwards.

Jumped A up the arena twice, initially there was a trotting pole leading into it which was then swapped sides and I jumped it down twice - tacking on F (the oxer) up the arena after jumping A down. But Kika and I had to circle, back to trot and strike off again on the correct canter lead as we couldn't land on the right lead after A. I say we, I wasn't asking for a particular lead as I don't know how, she usually lands correctly but didn't want to play ball last night - so we circled and biggie!

Next we jumped A down, E up to B turn between C & D to jump the oxer at F.

Then changed tack and trotted over the ground pole and combination at G cantering on D, looping back to B then E.

A couple different combinations of fences and lines which i have since forgotten, but I do remember the course we ended with.

Down over A starting from canter, up over E then B, between fences down over the oxer at F, back to trot and over the ground pole & bounce on to D - tight loop back to C and finish over E. Kika and I struggled with the turn back to C initially, but got it second time around and finished on a good note.

Lucky Nancy has been on a bit of a break since Sunday's almost hour marathon session as it has been a mental week where I have no idea where the days are going - I cannot believe it is already Thursday!
I'm hoping to get a spin on both girls this evening. But as Kika is out in the field this afternoon, it is not the end of the world if she doesn't get ridden - today is a Nancy day, to make up for the 'abandonment' and lack of riding so far this week. Who knows, I might even get to try the "new" saddle ;-)


  1. Replies
    1. They were nicely challenging, not set up by us though - we just used them when yard jump lessons were finished, ;)

  2. Replies
    1. It was, made for a nice change from the chargey jumping beast I had a few weeks back - Kika was great on Wednesday - Proud Mamma moment!

  3. Nice... looks like lots of fun and lots of things to work with!

    1. Always plenty to work with - now if only I could get a better handle on them and move on to new things to fix I might feel like we are making progress, ;)
      But practice makes perfect, so shall just have to ride more! :p

  4. I think I'm going to buy a breastplate that says "Sit Up!" so I can read it every time I lean forward :)

    1. That's a great idea, although I think I should get it tatoo'ed to the back of the horses' ears as that is where I am supposed to be looking! LOL!


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