Wednesday 13 March 2013

Thermal Themometer

Quick funny to start with - With Winter's return vets mustn't forget to warm thermometers!
Despite my joy & thinking Spring had sprung last week - blue skies & 15C temps teased me. The snow returned with a vengeance (10 to 15cms fell during the night-day-night) yesterday and the cold is back with a bang today, it was -4C this morning as I made my way to work with temps rumoured to drop to lows of -10C/-11C over the coming days - Oh Happy day...NOT!

Right enough whinging out of me - on to horsey news which is why people read this drivel I type!
Not much to report I'm afraid as my backside barely touched the saddle in recent days, I had a spin on Nancy last Thursday - then didn't sit on a horse again until last night when Kika was the "lucky" one.
I ad a mad busy weekend as my "baby" sister partook in the selection proceedings for the Luxembourg Rose for the Rose of Tralee competition held in Ireland in August every year.
For those who haven't heard of this "beauty" contest before, although more often billed as a personality contest and there is no simsuit section! It is an annual gathering/contest for young ladies with Irish connections/heritage from around the world with many places being represented including Australian, NZ & American states as well as numerous European and other countries - our organisation's webpage describes it better then I can! LINK
So we had a full house as family and friends descended upon on and we all turned out to support her at the Ball on Saturday night, she didn't win so won't represent Luxembourg in the next round in Portlaoise (Ireland) in June. We are all very proud of how well she did, she really surprised me as I have always viewed her as my "baby" sister and finally truly saw her for the poised young lady she has become - gosh am I soppy or what?!

Unfortunately Sunday I was sick :(
Not hungover as I don't drink alcoholic beverages (gave them up when i turned 21 to have the extra funds for Kika), but the whole day was wasted in bed as I just didn't have the energy to get up which was bitterly disappointing as I had promised my sister's friend a spin on one of the girls and my cousin whose mother bred Nancy was over and I had hoped to allow her a spin also - if she'd wanted...wasn't to be though! :(
I still wasn't right Monday or Tuesday, but due to system change over in work and yours truly having been one of only two guinea pig testers for our unit I couldn't not go to work and leave my fellow testee alone to deal with the carnage!

Ack - sorry, this is as always getting long-winded despite my promise of not having much to report on the Equine front! I guess I'm just painting  verbal picture to set the scene as to why there is so little to report on the Ladies.

Vet came on Friday evening to examine splint-type lump on the inside of Kika's left foreleg, which had been pointed out to me by my farrier. There was no heat in the leg, it hadn't changed shape in the time between the farrier's visit and the vet arriving (about a week) and although not 100% when initially under saddle she did work normally once warmed up.
She gave me a gel to be applied to Kika's leg twice a day for 12 days and recommended walking for Kika, either hand walking or under saddle she said would also be ok. My vet can be over cautious, and while I did give Kika an easy weekend (although I had planned to sit on her on Sunday) to allow her get used to the sensation or whatever effect the gel has on her leg - I hope to continue riding her although with a decreased workload - as I cannot give Kika 12 days hand-walking & turnout alone or when she is brought back to work she'll have gotten to used to the easy life and might return to temper tantrum ways when asked to increase the workload again.
So i plan to keep her ticking over with some walk/trot & if she feels ok - maybe the odd canter., but deff no more than that!

Sat up on her last night, she hadn't been ridden since our jumping lesson last Wednesday. And although she was a bit fresh and wanted to do more (yesterday wasn't a turn out day for her so she had excess energy) - she did manage to contain her exuberance and we kept to a good walk with circles, serpentines, figures of eight etc. With two trot circles on each rein where she didn't take a lame step!
Baby steps and we'll see where we are once the treatment is over and whether or not the growth/bump will have decreased in size/been reabsorbed by the leg.

Nancy was ridden on Saturday by The Guru (L), in the jumping saddle I have to try that another yard friend is selling. She was happy with the fit and how the mare went in it, I asked if she'd found it a bit tight on the withers as when the friend who is selling the saddle (M) and I sat it on N the weekend before we thought it might get a little cozy with rider weight added to the mix. However L said it seemed fine to her, next step now is for me to get a chance to sit in it and see if it suits me as well as the horse - could be an issue as although it is same style as Kika's GP (including Biomex seat - woohoo); the lady selling it has considerably shorter legs than I and I am not sure if the saddle was altered to reflect that or not...we shall see when I get a chance to ride in it myself.

Reason for there being such a question mark over my riding in the coming days is that it is St Patrick's Week!
Let me tell you that as an Irish Ex-Pat living abroad this is a nightmare time as there is so much going on & organisation involved in and around the day itself that usually come the 17th of March I am worn out of all things green, ;-)
It all kicks off officially tomorrow with a lunchtime do at the Embassy, then after work tomorrow evening the Irish Judges have invited all the Irish staff of the Court for some nibbles and drinks. Friday is the "unofficial' Court Paddy's day party, where a few of us band together to organise Irish Coffees, typical nibbles, crisps & beverages etc for friends and colleagues. Saturday there is a sporting event to showcase Hurling, Camogie and Gaelic Football and then Sunday is the day itself which will be celebrated by a Ceili Mór put on by the traditional music and dance group.

It's all go-go go!

And if that isn't enough, the annual Cancer Fundraising Relay event is on Saturday to Sunday (24hour walk/run-a-thon), I'm walking for two teams and will be there from 2.45am Sunday morning until after 6am - but it is great fun.
Phew! I've just put in for next week off - here's hoping the boss approves as I think I'm going to need to do some serious catch-up on sleep & pony time!


  1. I hope Kika's Splint type thing goes away!

    I'm not Irish.. but I always celebrate St. Patty's big.. love it :D Have fun this week/end and don't get tooo worn out!

    1. Thanks missus, will see what the weekend has in store for us.
      I got the green light to take next week off - so I hope to make it up to the girls after 2-3 quiet weeks recently...they may not thank me for it! LOL!

  2. I'm Irish-mix-mutt which means I get to celebrate lots of holidays :) Hope you have a great weekend, and the weather warms you for you!

    1. Thanks KK, hope you've a great weekend celebrating also!

  3. Hope Kika's splint thing isn't a problem. Not Irish but you can bet we will be celebrating this weekend :) Have fun!

    1. Thanks, I think it felt a little smaller last night - although maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part.
      So long as it doesn't inconvenience or pain her in anyway - I don't mind about lumps & bumps as we don't show. I just want my girls healthy!

      Have a great weekend celebrating. :)

  4. Man, you are busy! Simon has a lump on his LF that I freaked out about when I first saw, but it's never been hot and he's never been off in that leg so I think I worried for nothing :)

    1. Sorry only just seeing your reply now, being an Irish ex-pat around St Patricks day is a busy time alright...but it was great fun! :D
      Have had this week off to play with my girls and hope to get a post up now to update! :D
      Glad to hear that Simon's LF lump never caused him any trouble. Kika has been ridden away all week without any ill effects - fingers crossed it stays that way! :)


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