Tuesday 22 July 2014

VCMBH - Stalker

L. Williams & Thad the Unicorn set an impossible task last week - to pick one (max 5) of the bloggers I follow *ahem* stalk - that I would like to meet.

L's challenge: What Equestrian Blogger out there do you really want to meet? (If you have more then 1 I will allow you to list up to 5!)

Sort of - LINK

I am going to cheat just smidge and group my favourite neighbourly bloggers together in the vain hope of adhering to the 5 max limit :p
Without further ado - in no particular order:

The Californian Gang:
The chief instigator - L. Williams
Karley @All In, Kat @A Horse is A Horse
I would love to meet up with these guys for so many reasons - namely I'd be killing many birds with one stone, I really want to visit Cali & i have been stalking these three ladies blogs for so long I would dearly love to meet the main players in Ramona, Henry, Grayson & Holly! Not to mention I think their trainer Irene sounds scary awesome!

Those lucky Kentuckian based gals:
Allie @WovenWeb who i have known forever and have been dying to meet for years, we are totally organising a Rolex and/or KY Derby outing with L!
Hillary @EquestrianAtHart & K @KissMeI'mIrish go hand in hand for me, i would love to meet them Huey, Sonny & Timmers!
Lyndsey + Wiz & Amanda + Loki are also on the to visit list if i make it to Kentucky ever!
And although she is sadly no longer currently based in Kentucky I still think she is, so Miss Em & her gorgeous Haffy's fall into my Kentuckian dream team.

The "Racers"
These ladies have such an amazing cast of characters to their blogs, it would be a dream to be able to meet any & all of them! SprinklerBandits, Redheadlins & Jodi @RacingtoRide (would be awesome to stalk her from track to track)

There are so many more bloggers I would dearly love to meet - but i shall limit myself to one more group...The Texans!
Lauren @SheMovedToTexas, Amanda @900facebookpony - my latest obsession, although meeting her would deffinitely have dire consequences on my wallet! TheWorkingRider cracks me up something fierce - love following her adventures! Who could visit Texas without seeing Jenj, Paddington, Cash & the jousting Red @WynvernOaks?!
Bad Eventer is another of my Texas based blog-crushes!

I think I've done really well to limit myself to four groups *ahem*
And of course no trip stateside would be complete without seeing the following ladies - Beka @TheOwlsApprove, G & Prairie + family, fellow friesian lover @EquestrianJourney & Jess & her fab boys wherever the HopefulJumpers settle next. And of course who wouldn't want to meet the wise beyond her years Mare & Missy!

And lastly, sticking closer to home I would dearly love to meet the super generous C @EquestrianTrend - although like 900fbpony, SB, Gingham & Hillary - that meeting would be disastrous for my bank balance!


I know i have totally cheated - but i couldn't narrow it down any further - I blame it on my starsign!

There are so many more I would sell a kidney to meet - but I had to censor the list somehow!

Oops - i dithered too long and can't add my link to the widget - but here are the others who aren't indecisive slow coaches like me!


  1. Genius! And thank you :) Funny point: All of the racers are from Idaho. Even though I don't get to spend much time there anymore, it's still home :) There are just so many bloggers out there that would be cool to meet! Fingers crossed we get to meet one day!

    1. Small world indeed!
      I would love to cross paths some day ☺

  2. I seem to be infamous for having dire consequences on people's wallets...

    1. If the shoe fits 😜
      Dire might be a bit strong...but since following your blog. I covet all the things!

  3. Very creative and entertaining use of the 5 spots. =-) If you guys all end up at Rolex maybe I'll come join the fun.

    1. Lol, thanks - very cheeky of me ;-)
      That would be beyond amazing if we can organise something like that!

  4. HAHA libras' problems...! ;)
    I really want to meet you too! I am going to Belgium/Netherlands/Germany really soon... :D

    1. Oooh!
      What is bringing you up to this end of Europe?! Hopefully our paths can cross - if you are driving, you will most definitely pass through Lux in which case you can meet the girls as their yard is literally on the motorway exit!

    2. Daddy has (finally) decided to give me an equestrian dedicated vacation! :D
      But I'm going by plane and then I am going to travel from country to country by train :( I wish I could meet the girls!

    3. Wow, you'll have to break down this awesome sounding trip for me!
      Have you still got my email?

    4. Yes, I will email you today ;)

  5. You are such a cheater!! I LOVE it! I wish I had thought of that. :D Of course I probably wouldn't have been able to because I have the most awful memory ever and never remember who is from what state lol. I'm so happy to have made the list! I'm a little off the beaten path from your other choices, but if you do make it over here give me a heads up so I can come stalk you.. err.. find you... :D

    1. I don't cheat...I bend the rules to my needs - i am a mare after all 😉

    2. LOL! Good answer! I'm totally using that on my husband. :D


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