Wednesday 23 July 2014

Properly Pampered Ponies

"Us - Pampered? ... We think not!"
The girls have been thoroughly spoiled of late.
- Pedicures Friday (Pampering session I),
- Spa day Sunday (Pampering session II);
- Tuesday evening they both got a rub down, touch up, fine - tuning from the osteo.
They really have it bad...Poor dears

Hard Knock Life for my girls (not my image - LINK)
I called the osteo as under saddle Kika has been losing her back end randomly in arena work. I wasn't sure if this was due to muscle wastage from the months of little work earlier in the spring/summer or if she was after knocking something out in her hind end.

The osteo (B) assured me her back & hind were muscled enough to support work. I personally think there is an insulation layer of fat playing tricks on the eye of the beholder. 😜
B did say that one of her hips was skewed - Yay instincts standing to me. K got her whole spine worked on from poll to tail & has garnered herself a further 2 days "rest". She will however still be spending time on the walker when I ride Nancy as i don't want to leave her in the field on her own.

Nancy also got a bit of a rub down, although thankfully didn't have anything out or sore. She had so few adjustments that B said she can stay in ridden work - maybe I will be able to have my first lesson this week after all!
I had cancelled it as S (new trainer) is competing on Friday and with osteo visit last night i knew if the girls had work done they'd need 2 to 3 days recovery after manipulations. However I'm hopeful of getting Thursday afternoon off work and getting a lesson.
Fingers crossed!!


Nancy also cemented her place in another person's heart as B kept gushing over her calm & sweet disposition. N should run for politics - she would sweep all before her the way she wins people to her cause 😉
No photos of N getting worked on as she had so little done! Blink & you'd miss it type stuff...

(cos she's Banana yellow)

Finally, I'm shutting up after this - Promise!
Funny story, I have taken to plaiting my fringe back to keep it out of my eyes/face while i am growing my hair out. I fasten said plait with Kirby grips...I have lost THREE while doing the girls feet as they swish their tales at flies above my head and somehow catch in the clips and whip them out. I check their tales to try and find the clips but no dice!
I don't know what they do with them, flick them away like missiles at the flies?!


  1. Your girls have prettiest faces and looks they pull. They enjoyed their pampering!

    1. I am so glad to have a camera phone again - i love nothing more than capturing the funny faces they pull!
      Thanks for your super kind comments!

  2. Bahaha! I love your little blurb about losing clips. Yesterday my horse flicked his tail over my head and got it caught in a bobby pin holding back my hair. We almost had a catastrophe there ... definitely not a safety issue I've ever thought of before!!

    1. Bobby pins - I had a feeling Kirby grip was the British name for them, couldn't remember the Americanism!
      Funny that it happened to you too - well not funny per se, as you say it could've been a catastrophe, thankfully it was not.
      Mine are pretty chilled about these things - Kika is actually a nuissance and regularly drapes me in her tail when I am trying to apply stuff to her hooves - darn diva!

  3. They totally are thinking that this getting pampered is the best! How funny about the bobby pins! FYI, I think Kirby grips is a way cooler name for them!

    1. Beats being ridden and working I'd if we could nuke the flies I think they would be even happier ;-)
      In all honesty, they are all clips to me - but i was trying to paint a picture with words :-p

  4. Nancy has my vote in whatever she decides to run for LOL!!

    That's too funny about the bobby pins. I had no idea you guys had a different name for them. I've never heard of Kirby grips. Learn something new every day! :D

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the lesson works out!!!

    1. Nancy just has to look at people & bat her big baby browns to get what she wants - she gets everyone eating out of her hands ;-)
      Poor Kika is too clever for her own good & too brash in her mannerisms and way of doing things :-p


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