Tuesday 24 March 2015

Shopping Spree Splurges

Aka - spending accountability *blush*
I set off Saturday morning with €155 cash, a debit card, a visa card & a hastily tossed together shopping list which was saved in the memos on my phone and I will copy to here in keeping with my quest for accountability.

First purchase/splurge
gorgeous JFF black leather belt
for €19.95

"Bit for Kika
Query stable rug for Nancy with old closure if possible
(see earlier Equitana Epilogue post)
Equikozy socks
Gentle spurs
Boot bag
Schooling whip
Mane & tail spray

Stands to look at/chat to reps (if there)
PS of Sweden (contacted via facebook before going & knew they wouldn't be there :-( #sadtimes)
Ogilvy &ADE (would have been very pleasantly surprised if they had been there)

Modeling with my ADE breeches, I know it wasn't
on my "list" but i have needed a belt for the longest time
Sadly the only stand I saw from my 'to visit' list was CWD. I would have loved to get my chat on at the others if they had been there...perhaps if any readers have ears to whisper sweet nothings into we could get he ball rolling for a presence in 24 months time. Yep this indoor equine extravaganza only rolls around every 2 years!
There is a  "Open Air" option in the intervening years, but having been there last May I was rather underwhelmed in comparison to the event in Essen. Although maybe I am judging too harshly as I wasn't really looking for anything that day and only bought hoof balm *blush*

Kika's shiny new bit, tackhos please help me naming what kind of bit this is.
I'm afraid I'm clueless aside from its being an eggbutt.
I have been told it's gentler than a snaffle due to extra joint equaling less nutcracker action for tongue.
I prefer eggbutts to loose rings to avoid risk of pinching & increase stability 
Nabbed myself a 1m10 navy schooling whip for a fiver ftw
I scored a sweet deal on this Spooks.de jacket for €65, it may be a little long & seems to have been the end of a line - but knowing these jackets usually retail at €150 minimum i couldn't not nab a size Small.
Even though I am not a fan of wearing the Union Jack (and cannot understand why non-UK brands like Spooks & Eskadron amongst others plastering this flag on their merchandise) and would have preferred to buy a black jacket as I already have a navy winter coat...Sadly they did not have any size Small left in black. :-(
In saying all that I cannot complain though as I love the green check pattern on the collar & am super cozy when I wear it ♡♡♡♡

Tenner spurs - bargain ☺☺☺
I will wait for lessons next week with trainer
 to try them out under supervision
I also scored 3 Magic Brushes for €12 when every other stand I saw them on were €13 ;-)
I added these to my "list" after someone at the yard picked my green one up on Friday thinking it had been left lying around.
I told the girl that if I saw them on Saturday I'd buy her one. Now to see her again before it gets creepy long between sightings *blush*
My final purchase was also not on my official list, but I was keeping an eye out for a bargain & at €35 these qualify.
They are light aluminium type stirrup irons, not as light as Jin Stirrups but much lighter than the flexi stirrups I had been using and they have the awesome cheese grater step. Which has made a great difference to the stability of my feet in the irons on my two test spins with Nancy where she has been fussy in canter transitions including some flailing, bucking & dolphining.
These are Homer stirrup irons which I hadn't heard of before but am super happy with so far ☺

Whip & stirrups ready for road testing with Nancy on Sunday.
Although the whip had it's first outing with Kika before Nancy's spin.
Ok so many of my purchases weren't on my "list" but all were things I had in the back of my mind to snap up if I found a bargain & I feel great about each splurge.
For the sake of accountability - price breakdown: belt (€20) + bit (€30) + whip (€5) + jacket (€65) + spurs (€10) + brushes (€12) + stirrups (€35)
The stirrups were charged to the Visa ;-)

Total equipment spending = €177
Not bad going if I do say so myself, very reserved splurges compared to what I could have spent had I not haemorrhaged money over the last few months on apartment expenses & furnishing *sob*

Like the previous time I went my biggest gripe was with the price of food & drink! Especially considering your ticket is valid for one entrance only, so you can't even nip out to a super-market for some grub on the cheapo.
 €4 for a drink as Germany charges an extra 50c for plastic bottles which you can get back when recycled, great for the environment but not ideal if we don't live in Germany! Grrrr!

Was still the super tasty-times so i am not bitter about these bad boys!

Being there for almost 7 hrs I bought two drinks and a slice of Pizza which cost me €11.50 & the tasty potato chips I posted about were bought by my friend and she refused to take anything from me for them as she said she'd have gotten them whether I ate some or not lolz.
Hopefully if I am lucky enough to go again in 2 years time I will remember to bring my own food & drink!


  1. Oh wow! You got some great stuff! I love love love your new belt. :)

    1. I'm super happy with my splurges, would never have found any of these things at those prices elsewhere. Am super lucky!!

  2. Awesome stuff! What brand are the stirrups/where'd you get them?

    1. Stirrups are a brand i hadn't heard of before, Homer, took a while to find them on t'interwebs (link in post). I'm kicking myself for not having gotten a pair for Kika's saddle too *d'oh*
      Nabbed all this awesomeness at the epic Equitana massive equine expo that takes place every two years in Germany. When you come back to Europe we'll have to make sure to schedule it in as well ;-)

    2. That seems like a totally valid reason to go back.

    3. Wait, am I blind and/or dumb? I don't see your stirrups on their site?

    4. I couldn't find the ones I bought on the website either nor any prices :-/
      I'll keep my eyes peeled for them around here and snap you up a pair if you'd like...lemme know what colour (or none as the case may be) you'd like me to pick up for you ☺

    5. Ummmmm yes definitely keep us posted on where to find those beauties. You have my full attention.

    6. Shall get to digging/googling and see what I can find.
      Any colour preferences?

    7. I'm with SB, def keep us posted. I'd be down for the blue ones if they're reasonably priced (like in the price range you paid).

    8. Will keep my eyes peeled and ask around the tack stores here to see if i can track down some more for you guys. ☺

  3. your lovely new bit has a lozenge. i'd call it a double-jointed eggbutt snaffle with lozenge.

    dying to try the magic brushes. do you love them? we can't get them in the states! sad face.

    1. I thought lozenges were thinner, but am actually ignorant and happy to be corrected ☺
      I can keep my eyes peeled for the Magic Brushes in the shops here if you've a preference for colour combo let me know and I'll snap them up and post them over to you. I adore the one I had so i splurged on a second. It is great for dried mud & especially for when the wolly mammoths she'd every spring. It is a godsend!

    2. i suppose there are many names! in any case it's a lovely soft and effective bit!

      if you can find a magic brush in teal or turq, please do snap it up for me! do they only come in sets of three, or is there just one brush is many colors? so confused, but definitely want to try one!

    3. Just popping in to say that I would call the bit the same thing as bls described. I actually use the same one, only it has a copper lozenge.

    4. @bls they sell them as boxsets of three. I will keep my eyes peeled for a teal/turquoise. Although now that I think about it, I think the set i got has a turquoise one, a pink and a yellow came with it of you know anyone who might be interested in them and would want to share the trio with you.

      @megan thanks for the info, I'll go with lozenge too then when I describe it from now on. I've always bought these bits in Germany & my Germany is woeful at best so translating technical eq terms are not my forte

  4. Yes I spent 3E on a smallish bottle of water and was quite grumpy about it. It was surprising because it was the 2nd day and I'd learned my lesson and brought a liter of my own water from home, as well as a lot, a lot of food. I happily carried my food bag all day long, knowing I was not dependent on the booths. But then I caved and got some more "texmex."

    You asked if I was working a stand, no, I was just a visitor.

    Check out my blog where I go on and on about my favorite performances - I sure enjoy the liberty work. And I can't believe how much rollkur I saw: (

    1. Yeah sadly rolkur is still way too prevalent :-(
      I will deff check out your blog for reviews. Am super jealous you got to spend two days there! We'll have to try to organise a meet up in 2 years time! ☺

  5. Not bad! I love the belt and stirrups!!

    1. Thanks me too, the stirrups are awesome. I really wish I had gotten a second or even third set ☺☺☺

  6. Omg I must find those stirrups #hopetheyhavepink

    1. Sadly the website I found for them didn't appear to have the ones I bought. I deff saw them in red & silver, I will keep my eyes peeled and nab you a pair in pink if i find them ☺

  7. Great stuff! That belt is truly fantastic! Sounds like a great time!

    1. Thanks girl - i loffs it.
      Although to be fair, I adore every single thing I came home with. Not a single regret *nope*

  8. oh wow - sooooo many awesome things!! the bit i use has an almost identical mouth piece, tho it's a loose ring, and my horse seems to go really well in it. love those stirrups too - they look perfect on your saddle with that pretty whip! yay for new stuff!

    1. I use he same type of bit for both my girls, eggbutts each time. I prefer the stability of an eggbutt vs loose ring as i worry about my hands. I love how the different metal encourages mine to chew the bit and they always foam which gives them the lipstick i love to see ☺
      Thanks for all your kind comments - so far I have loved riding in the stirrups & wish I had bought a set for Kika's saddle too!

  9. Oh. My. God. I cannot believe you posted another photo of those chips. Are you trying to murder me?! ;)

    I've been looking for something EXACTLY like that bit in the states forever, but the only one sold here is kind of expensive. So jealous of your more affordable horse goodies in Europe!

    1. Oh if I'd known that was what you were looking for I'd have gotten you one! I feel terrible!!!! What size are you looking for?
      I might have a loose ring version that I rarely use and could send you if you're truly stuck. Otherwise I can keep an eye out for the eggbutt version if i know what size Guinness needs ☺

      I'm. Killing myself with remembering the scurmptiousness of those chip/crisp things yummy-yum-yum

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks me too - i may have even worn it to work on Monday after it spent the day with me at the barn on Sunday *whistles*

  11. In the States we call that bit a French link. That's what I have for Chrome.

    Blue stirrups!!! Love!!!! I also really like that belt too. Good choice.

    You did great on your shopping!

    1. Thanks i am still super happy with every purchase. In the words of Edith Piaf 'Je ne regrette rien'


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