Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WW - Nancy's sleepy greeting

Sleepy sausage 24.3.15 lunchtime


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    1. Isn't she just adorable, usually she leaps up but yesterday she was all about her rest!
      She made me lol

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    1. To steal an L. Williams word isn't she adorkable?!

  3. Omg I just want to cuddle with her

    1. She usually leaps up as soon as she sees me so I've never had a chance to snuggle when she's lying down. If i hadn't been on my lunch break from work and on a tight time limit I'd totes have gone in for a hug!

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    1. She is such a sweetheart. When I care K lying down i have plenty time for pony cuddles, but as i entitled in comments above Nancy usually always leaps up when she sees me. She warms the long winter days with her chatty greeting some days she even gets Kika to join in - my heart really sings those days as K is pretty selective wih the use of her vocal chords


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