Sunday 22 March 2015

Equitana Epilogue

It was an early start to the day as I was a lazy sod the evening before and didn't shower before going to bed so I had to get up at 5am to do so and be at the stable for the bus' 6.10am departure time. I walked my sleepy self to the stable for 6am so that I could say a quick hello to two surprised girls and then met up with my pal S who had suggested we go on the organised coach trip from the stable. It was a fab suggestion as it meant neither of us had to worry about the 3 1/2-4hr drive each way ;-) We could chill out and chat without worrying about sign posts etc and enjoy being chauffered.

Even the traffic lights are horsey

Bus got stuck in traffic just as we arrived at the venue, so we were 30 - 45 mins later arriving than scheduled but that is no one's fault. This thing is massive! S had never been before, but I had been to the last event 2 years ago (Links to post I, II & III for posterity) so I had an idea to find my way around.
For once my pitiful memory didn't fail me ;-)

I was too busy shopping to watch the displays,
but this coloured cob caught my eye

We both had our shopping lists of what we needed/wanted and set to work. We had to be back at the entrance for 16h40 to go back by bus so that the bus driver could have the bus back at the depot within a certain time frame as per someone's regulations *shrug*
We stuck to the tack stand areas as S wanted breeches & rugs and I was looking to replace Kika's bit and the schooling whip & spurs I had carelessly left lying around in recent months so they had understandably gone walkies. I was also keeping my eyes peeled for a winter coat and stirrups bargain if I could find them and whatever else caught my eye. I also wanted to chat to Horseware representatives about stable rug options for Nancy as I don't like the way their new V-closure rubs her shoulders, I also wanted to talk to saddle makers to see who the reps for my neck of the woods are as I think it's about time I get Nancy her own saddle properly fitted to her. Plus my 30th birthday draws nearer everyday & I hope to use it to my advantage as furnishing the apartment has drained all bank balances & pay cheques! *blush*

Adorable standing area to eat
Now I'll shut up and leave you with snaps from the event and will share my splurges and the saddle time I've racked up in separate posts.

The zebra boots were actually hairy & really freaked me out!
I take it whoever buys these won't be cleaning stables or riding outdoors ;-)
Need more be said about this brand?!
After all the blog reviews I've read of late;
I may have specifically asked about retailers
in my neck of the woods *whistles*
Amerigo on left & Antares on right - two more superb saddle makers
Does fawning over the soft leather make me weird?! 
Two brands that caught my eye.
Left - Ikonic looks good, have never heard of them
Right - Ultimate Bitless which caught my eye for $900fb 

Silky socks with funky cool patterns - wish they had been a little less pricey per pair &
I wouldn't have been able to leave them behind me...
maybe in 2 years I'll have a bit more ca$h to play with
These were the super #tastytimes actual potato rinds
fried chips/crisp heavenliness
And that?s it from me for today - hopefully I can type up a saddle time recap for tomorrows post & then share my splurges in a post on Tuesday...yay blogging & doing stuff for a change!


  1. Wonderful, you were there too! I seemed to have missed the tack shops you blogged, but I did see the crisps. Both days I was there I ate the "Chicken Teller" which was neither with chicken nor on a "teller" - good grief, I even brought a pen the next time to write quotation marks around "chicken" and "teller" to teach them a lesson but they were laughing at me like they understood my angst.

    It was my first time but honestly since I had to go from the front to Halle 6 repeatedly, I felt pretty confident about the layout and was able to lead people around on day 2. Except I seemed to have missed a lot anyways! OK then.

    Which were your favorite performers?

    1. Were you working in a stand that you had to do so much back & forth? I mostly loitered in Halles 12, 11, upstairs & downstairs after the gallery sorry can't remember which hall number that was. We did skimp through he western sections though *blush*
      I didn't watch any of the performances as i was too busy nosing my way though as many stands as possible. There is just so much to see there!
      What were your favourite bits? I'm glad you got to go for a few days ☺

  2. You know, I was totally interested in the tack things, then you posted that photo of those fried potatoes, aaaaaand... I WANT THOSE!

    1. They were amazing!
      If you can get here for March 2017 i will be your tour guide ;-)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day, nice to see you getting out for some fun and shopping :)

    1. Aw thanks pet, it was awesome. It has been a great weekend ☺

  4. LOL! I looove to touch all the expensive saddles at events. But I won't sit in them because I don't want to know what I'm missing! Maybe someday...

    1. I have never sat in them either & for a similar reason lol. I'd be afraid of leaving with the need to invest in one or more!!!

  5. Oooo that sounds like so much fun, if I was there I would fawn over nice leather with you!

    1. It's on every two years, plenty time to plan a trip ☺☺☺

  6. I want to come with you next time! That looks fun!

    1. You organise the flight and we'll sort it all out ☺

  7. lol fawning over the soft leather makes you normal, not weird, in this neck of the woods haha. sounds like an awesome time - can't wait to read about what you picked up!!

    1. Great to know that drooling over leather goods makes me normal ;-)
      Must get that post written - thanks for the reminder ☺

  8. Looks like fun!! I hope you found everything you needed to buy!


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