Monday 22 August 2011

Make-Over Before and After Pictures

Title says it all really, Kika got bathed yesterday (Sunday 21/8/11) and had a bit of a haircut...I didn't want to take too much off her mane with her still living out and the flies being a nightmare!
So without further ado and/or blabbing;

Pre-Makeover/Before Sulky McSulkypants who made herself nice and muddy (but can't be seen in pics)

Post-Makeover - the sunshine was also out from behind the clouds which deffo helped, ;)

And then last one of Miss K with her pedicure done! *sniggers*

And finally i remembered to take two snaps of the new saddle!

And the fancy Biomex seat aka cushioning for my derriere and support for my back, ;)

Pole-work this evening, behaviour pending we might venture a cross pole!
Doubt there'll be pictures, but there will hopefully be an update - preferrably with a positive report, ;)

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  1. She's as beautiful as ever. Congrats on the new saddle!


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