Tuesday 23 August 2011

Pole Work

I was actually really happy with Kika yesterday. For some reason i got myself all worked up about riding her - we were in the outdoor doing pole work and there were lots of bodies around, many horses coming and going from the arena and it was hot, clammy and warm with dark clouds rolling in and a wind picking up so I was sure it was all going to combine with some sort of fireworks from herself - undoubtably spurred on by my nervousness. But my friend L was on the ground to give us pointers and so I'd told her i was feeling iffy about riding, so she kept me calm and thankfully the mare didn't brim over either. She possibly had no intention of doing so but i just had it in my head that last night was D-Day or something!
Kika wasn't exactly relaxed either though, more than likely as i was so tense, but another friend, M who has a soft spot for K was riding at the same time and reckons i should get her ovaries & kidneys checked, as she said K looked like she wasn't completely relaxed behind the saddle...That her mare had a similar problem that her eggs weren't working their way out of her system and as such were blocking her ovaries and giving her cysts which caused her mare to rear. She said vets and homeopathic stuffs cleared her up and that she's been fine since, so might well have to look into that. Although i still maintain that friday she was just being bould - although she is in season ... so I will deffo look into it!
Am waiting to hear back from vet about samples taken from warts and lab results so will bring it up then,
So for once a nice brief update, the only time she got uber-excited was when we did canter poles. She got herself all hett up and pulled like a train into them, tossing her head about as she wasn't happy with the speed i was asking her for. Once again new saddle proved to be most comfortable, that little extra cushioning really does absorb all shocks to stop them reverberating up your spine if horse takes a misstep or you get left behind at any stage...happened us on a couple of occasions last night with the pole work.

Unfortunately I did not manage to find a photographer to snap some pics of us, but the state I worked myself up into prior to getting up I can honestly say having photographic evidence of last night was the last thing on my mind at the time!
So sorry that you've had to read todays waffle without the reward of a photo!

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