Thursday 25 August 2011

New Saddle Christening

Attempted to go for our first outing in the woods in yonks this evening, but we were thwarted by the weather!
My friend L and I were all geared up on our red-headed ladies and one of her two bearded collies and set out towards the wood trails. We have about 5-10 mins of a hack on tarmac till we reach the forrestry which takes us right past Kika's field, so that was one of the many things we were going to have to overcome on our treck, ;)
For my now habitual worrying Kika was good as gold, well for her shall we say lol, obviously she has behaved better in the past. We still had some head-shaking and head-tossing when attempting to disagree with what i was asking of her - which was not complicated, mostly "please move forwarded" or "keep up alongised L's horse not behind her!"
All in all i was very happy with her, we manouvered passed the absolutely terrifying water trough in a neighbouring field to K's which she takes offence to passing every night! Silly horse! Then passed the field with her own companions in it, with them calling her - bless them! Got to the woods by which stage the rain was sheeting down and we were well and truly soaked. The dog was messing, the horses were un-happy in the rain and we were drowned! The sky was very ominous looking, so not wanting to be caught out in a thunderstorm we trundled along a few steps till we could turn and loop attempting to not make it obvious that we were heading for home early, rofl!
Saddle got a right christening, so i oiled it when we got back to the barn after drying it out a little with a towel i happen to have in my locker! We all looked like drowned rats!

Typically after we were down and un-tacked the rain cleared off, but we took this as a sign to head for home while we could get there without getting soaked again! All my gear went straight into the washing machine, heck even my undies were wet haha!

I've exitedly started reading my George Morris Hunter Seat Equitation, which came highly recommended and which i am thoroughly looking forwarded to after having watched his masterclass at the RDS. Only gotten so far as to read the introductions and nosy through the pictures so far. Although i did stumble across the section of how to deal with rearing, which i shall be referring back to! :D
When i ordered this book i also got one for stretching our equine friends and a complete guide to horses or something (can't remember the title now) by the great William Micklem - so am looking forward to nosying through them also, I will review all three when i read them, ;)

Thankfully no other news, my "flatwork" lesson has been moved up to tomorrow due to my going to Dublin tomorrow night for the Ireland vs England rugby game on Saturday. L has kindly accepted to lunge Kika in the pessoa on saturday so Miss K will not miss out on any of our new schedule for this week (although this evening was a little light on work - we still were in the saddle for a good 15-20mins and had no bad misbehaving so all in all i was happy!) and Sunday is her day off. Will be back to pole work on Monday evening so shall report back then. :)

Thanks again to all who read, comments are always much appreciated, ;)

Oh and to answer your question from the RDS post, Lysette, yes I think I did see Ms Hough jump Quick Study. Riding is deffo instilled in your trainer's blood then, huh? :)

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