Wednesday 14 March 2012

Lunchtime Hookie

Well not quite as I'm now back in work, but I just had to quickly post a few snaps taken of Kika today as I let her out on my lunch break. Weather is fab here!
Was joking with my friend who goes to the barn with me at lunch time that it's a crime we've to go back to work, she said we should ring in and say we've a medical reason not to come back....I suggested Vit D deficiency, but we chickened out
In any case, the Judges host an Irish Staff invite only Paddy's day party and that is on this evening, which is always good to show face at so would be a miraculous recovery from my ailment when i turn up there with a sunburnt face!

I also nabbed a teeny tiny video of Miss Kika who heard me filling "her" ball with carrot pieces from the other end of the field, the head on her when she gets to me is priceless, need to hook into the wifi at home to upload it so shall do that this evening, and share it with you tomorrow I guess

Anyways without further waffle out of me (for now), here are the pics of Kika and her ball taken in the lovely sunshine this lunchtime - NO RUG, yippee!
Please excuse the quality they were (as always) taken with my phone!

Hopefully those aren't too big and/or distorting the forum!

Not too sure what I'm going to end up doing with herself this evening, as I mentioned above I've a party to attend from 5pm, won't be staying long as have to get home to bring the lovely ladies in before it gets dark - so hope to get up to them about 6.30-7pm.
I know that whatever I do it will be lungeing, but whether I lunge her under saddle (my altered GP came back last night and my saddle fitter checked the dressage saddle I've been using and says its a very good fit so have told my friend I'll buy it off her - which works out well as her new saddle arrives tonight! ) or over poles (tackless) or with the pessoa ... I could ride but I won't be able to do anything with her at all tomorrow and Wednesdays are always a very busy day at the yard as the jumping teacher comes in and uses the arena I prefer to ride in ... that and she was ridden Thursday, Friday, Sunday (lessons with the Guru) and Monday (the Guru rode) so I'd rather mix it up a bit with a lungeing session to keep things varied.

Tomorrow is the Paddy's day party I've helped organise after work (Open to all not just Irish staff, ) so that'll go on till all hours (if last year is anything to go by) and as I'm an organiser have to be there till the bitter end to tidy the place up etc,

Right sorry, enough waffle out of me for today!

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