Tuesday 20 March 2012

Pleasantly Suprised

@ myself in actual fact - a horse is only as good as it's rider and on Sunday I was very glad that I kept out of my head.
Our Sunday Spin wasn't as good as Saturday, but it was nowhere near as disastrous as the last time I'd had a good spin on my own and then attempted to follow it up. Look at me, growing and maturing and most importantly learning from my past mistakes! About Time - i hear you sigh,

The Mammy came to watch us and she was most complemntary of our improvements, admittedly it went more along the lines of "What a pretty girl you have become" - aimed at Kika, not me.
She did say that I'm fidgetty, more active with my hands in sitting trot and that I need to work on keeping them more still - constructive criticism, I like it! And hopefully something I can work on that shouldn't cause too much difficulty to get under control, Happy Days!
Our canter while still not perfect in striking off, again an issue of mine not Kika's, we are now finally getting a more rounded canter and the giraffe impression is lessening - thereby less back hollowing/blocking and better work - more Happy Days!

I lunged Kika last night in our altered-to-hopefully-fit-better GP saddle in the outdoor to see what she thought of it. To be honest it was hard to tell as she was on form and bucking/messing whenever a passing car/motorbike made a sound speeding up of the nearby motorway. Of course she had her maggot acting skills in full flow when there were other horses in the arena, another girl lungeing and someone riding. She is such a show off ... but this is not news to regular readers.
Of course she settled down to some nice work once there was no longer anyone to impress with her acrobatic skills. So it's full steam ahead for a lesson with The Guru this evening in the GP to see what we make of it after our couple of weeks in the Dressage saddle - I hope any good position habits I may have picked up in the Dressage saddle will transfer back to the GP...

Anyways that's us up to date, as a reward for your loyal following of my waffle here are two new pictures of Kika taken on Sunday as we were trying on a secondhand rug i bought from N ages back as it was too big for her girl. It is lighter than the stable rug I had K in and as spring is coming I thought it best to change as hopefully Madame will be going out full time on the 1st of May!
I know the Mammy was watching us ride, but she arrived after we started and I didn't get to give her my phone to ask for pictures/videos - sorry!
But i did snap a lovely post work (rug-modelling) bonding moment between Kika and Grandma

Thanks for reading!

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