Tuesday 2 April 2013

Woods Wandering

Let me start off this post by saying that I AM LOVING the longer evenings!
I will hold my hand up and admit to struggling a bit Sunday & Monday with the 'loss' of an hour's sleep, but the longer daylight in the evenings totally makes up for it - well that and the fact I had a five-day weekend.
Hurray for office being closed!

After 8pm Monday evening - long live the brighter evenings!
I happily got both girls ridden Saturday evening after spending afternoon food shopping with the Mammy - and we took a detour to Belgium to go horse-shopping/browsing for me - I needed to pick up a new pair of gloves, some Canter Mane & Tail Spray & a belated birthday gift for the Guru.

LOVE that stuff
Similar Polo Wraps to these only velcro fasteners are brown - happens to match almost perfectly the Equi-thème saddle pad I got her the Christmas before last!
Apologies for the images side-track, I rode Nancy first in the main arena hoping to get back to Thursday's great form after Friday's not so great spin. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, my legs felt even worse in the saddle - I could even feel how out of position they were, which means that they must have been very bad if I could feel that they were wrong! And Nancy was definitely not being cooperative - she kept progressively speeding up which didn't help my leg situation as they must have been creeping forward as I tried to slow down the freight train that she likes to pretend to be!
It is moments like that she not-so-sutbly reminds me that she is part draught horse (Friesian). The Guru happened to stop by arena and jokingly asked what time my train was at as N was rushing around like a bit of a loony, she recommended I focus on walk and to really remember to keep my hands further apart to show her the way with my hands as the closer/tighter i held the reins to more she tucked her head in and sped up. Did that for a bit and when she was calm we transitioned back up to some trot and then down again if she got too fast again. - no harm to attempt hammer home our transitions.
Finished up on a good note and went to collect Kika & O from the turnout area. The Guru & I rode together in the main arena and Kika was a star!
She has been such a pleasure to work with of late that I am really hoping to squeeze in a lesson with L this week before it all goes to pot as I've been left to my own devices for too long! LOL!

Neither girl got ridden on Sunday as I had made tentative plans with the Guru for a hack in the woods with Miss Kika followed by a lesson on Miss Nancy, however what I had forgotten when making those plans was that I'd been invited along with the parents to family friends for dinner - which was lovely but meant no riding for me - woopsy!

O in the turn out at lunchtime today with Nancy in the background

No harm no foul, Monday was a bank holiday here so another day to play with the ponies for me. The Guru & I managed to get out into the woods for a hack yesterday evening, which although bitterly cold when in the shade or when the wind hit us was just what the doctor ordered!
Kika reminded me that she is still after all still herself and can get up to her old tricks if given half the chance ;-)
I have taken to leading her down the tarmac until we get into the woods, there is a bench there that I use as a mounting block - downside is it is on a slight hill down and in order to stop Kika facing for home while I mount I have always gotten up from the "wrong" side when in the woods.
Yesterday, I decided sod it, we'll get up from the right side = facing for home - needless to say Kika thought "Yippeee - hometime" and was none to impressed when my fingers closed on the reins to say no - turn back around.
Cue her patented head tossing, prancing & threats to rear - i hadn't managed to get my second stirrup at this stage so didn't want her to go upright on me meaning she got a few strides on me  heading for home before I turned her around and tricked her into walking down a bit of a bank before she realised what was going on - however being the smart cookie that she is half-way down the bit of a bank she copped that we were no longer heading for home and attempted a half rear - she got a slap for her troubles and a pair of heels in her sides which encouraged her forwards and on down the trail into the woods. She half tried to toss the head and act the maggot a couple more times on our way down deeper into the woods but got the heels/stick treatment each time and then gave up - we had a delightful stroll on the buckle through the woods from then on.
It did us both the world of good not least because we got out of the arenas but because we both came through her attempted strop without my getting scared or wimpy and/or her getting her way!

She's never too good to try and get one over on me ;-) We'll have to wait and see what this evening holds for us when we get back into the arenas - which Kika will turn up to play ball :p

Peeping at me around the tree

Nancy also got yesterday off as L & I were frozen after the hack in the woods, and figured we'd tackle Nancy this evening when we have more time & more nimble minds/bodies after thawing!

So that is the plan for this evening, L is giving her girl O today & tomorrow off as she is working silly long hours but offered to help me out with my girls by giving myself and Nancy the once over this evening and depending on whether or not there is time after the jumping lessons for myself & Kika tomorrow evening for a jump school - or if not she said we'd do a flat lesson, so either way Kika & I will also get a lesson in this week - i am ridiculously looking forward to having someone to work with again/something to work on besides whatever my own brain comes up with!
Here's hoping I'm not an absolute shambles on either girl and that we can have some handy pointers to keep working on when L can't be there to keep an eye on us. ;-)

Bit of a tree blocked body-shot, the Monster is after growing since she arrived...am really curious to see what she's like come the end of the summer!


  1. Glad you got all that pony time in! Their turnout looks really cool :D

    1. The turnout area is a blessing, lovely trees lining the area to give extra protection from elements and another barrier before our fencing - there is space for horses to walk between fencing & treeline - but the trees still act as a good braking service when the mares run around like loonies - usually when weather nice lol!

  2. Longer nights are the best. I love the pictures of them peeking from behind their hay nets.

    1. I'm loving the longer evenings! :D
      They were being very cute yesterday - hopefully weather warms up for my lunchtime run to the barn today...am busing it so hoping for weather to heat up some bit for me!
      Was very cold this morning! Brrr

  3. Yay for pony time. Nancy is too cute.

    1. Thanks Hill, she is an absolute angel of a doll when handling her - but we're having our troubles under saddle - as usually more my issues than hers. Poor pet having to put up with me! :-/


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