Monday 1 July 2013

Family Fun

As title suggests my sister did agree to come on a hack with us, she rode Nancy, I took Miss Kika and L rode her mare O - we were also accompanied by her lovable pooches.

Kika &  I
The silly sod started off in the wrong direction and
then started to get herself upiddy when I wanted to turn around
Usually we head straight for the woods from the field, but as there was an archery competition on over the weekend we decided to take the long route to the woods by hacking 10 - 15minutes on the roads first. The hack started well when Kika decided we were going right, when really we were going left and in typical Kika fashion; she was right - I was wrong and we weren't turning around without a fight. So I let her walk a little, then turned her in the entryway to the field and we headed back in the right direction without anymore fuss - she can be such a silly sod when she want's to be!

My sister asked my mother to snap a few pics before we headed off - however much you guys think (*ahem* know) how much I love photos - my sister is worse and even more snap-happy then me! Shocking...I know! :p

We had a wonderful hack, with some trotting and cantering and all girls behaved beautifully. I couldn't have been happier with our day out exploring the new woods!

My sister headed back to Ireland yesterday, she emmigrates to Canada at the end of this month. :(
First one of us to move so far away, but holiday destination! :D

The Guru & I went for another quick hack yesterday evening, with K & O. Nancy stayed in the field on her own for the first time, my mother came with to keep an eye on her as we left just to be sure she didn't lose the plot altogether. She said she got herself a little upset and called a couple of times, but that she settled fine when she could see the neighbouring horses were still there.

I am super proud of Miss Kika who led the way passed the scary remnants of the archery tournament without an ounce of fuss - she did give them a wide berth & a bit of an eyeball but passed them without any of her patented spinning/rearing tricks. We also had our first proper gallop in years and bravely went down a steep path into the stream - I love having a water loving horse. 
We have such fun splashing through puddles together, Nancy isn't overly fond of puddles but can be persuaded to splash with me - however Kika is like a Hippo and we have great fun splashing about! :)

Not sure what my plan is for this evening, L isn't going to make it so I'm feeding O for her and checking her over. Haven't quite decided if I'll go for a hack alone or take advantage of the Mammy driving me there to skedaddle and get some more driving practice before the test next week - eek! Fingers crossed I pass first time, I really need my license!


  1. As always sounds like a grand time! :D

    1. Thanks Amanda it was great - I was delighted with how Kika behaved both days, especially as she hadn't been ridden since the previous Saturday and I survived getting re-acquainted with my dressage saddle which i couldn't tell you the last time I sat my backside in it - months back in any case!
      I have been living in my GP on both girls - but I gave up that saddle with Nancy for my sis as she doesn't ride very often and I wanted her to have a good experience, ;)

      Nancy as always was a doll, so well behaved that my sis was still talking about her as she left yesterday - she hasn't had such a happy experience with Miss Kika and refuses to sit on her - can't say I blame her, but I do love my firecracker - sure some one has to lol!

  2. How fun to ride with your family!

    1. Yep, hoping to get the Mammy back in the saddle before too long, she is mad for a go on Nancy. The Youngest sister will hopefully be back for a visit as well at some stage, I'm hoping she'll also join me for a spin - and if i pass my license I'll have one of my cousins back out for a visit, she's 15-16 and loves Nancy (her mother bred her). No point in bringing her out here unless I can take her places! ;-)

  3. Looks like a fun day with super well-behaved horses. Bet you're all sad with your sister going away, but hey the world is a small place nowadays & its so easy to keep in touch.

    1. Oh, I'm woeful bad at keeping in touch, hopefully she gets a place to live/stay with wifi so that we can keep in touch with whatsap as otherwise I'll be useless!
      Although, I've always wanted to visit Canada, so she's giving me a great excuse to save the pennies and get my backside out to her some time next year when she is hopefully settled with a place I can stay without paying for a hotel! :p

  4. How great to have a family ride! Looks so fun!

    1. It was a blast, hoping to get the mother to join me before too long...and if the baby sister comes back at any stage I'll be coercing her also! :D


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