Sunday 7 July 2013

Sunny Saturday

Summer has finally arrived in long it will stay is anyone's guess - but we took full advantage this weekend. I had a wonderful hack Saturday evening (it was too hot to go earlier in the day) and then I spent this afternoon (Sunday) watching a couple Polo Chukka' of that to follow tomorrow as otherwise it would be a total photo overload!

The Guru snapped this after our hack of the "whole" team
Please excuse the state of me!
I don't know why I look like such a sack of spuds, no wonder poor Nancy looks cheesed off!
Saturday's hack was super enjoyable, minus all the bleedin' flies - gosh they were awful! Thankfully our order of fly rugs that can go on under tack arrived and we shall be using them from here on out!

Starting out
Nancy & I  bravely leading the way

As it was so hot we decided that it would be best to do mostly walking, so we brought Kika along on lead. We did one sneaky trot at one stage as the flies were just terrible, unfortunately they seemed to follow us and we couldn't quite get away from them until we were back in under the trees!
I tried when I was in front to turn around to snap a few shots of Kika being a good pack-horse & plodding alongside The Guru & O, but they ended up too blurry so I deleted them!

Sun setting as we got back to the field
We spent about 2 and a half hours wandering around the different trails, having a great old time for ourselves. Photos of the Polo Chukka's and Old-Timer car display (same event) to follow in a post tomorrow - summer really is much more believable when the weather is nice!


  1. Fly season is the worst! At least the scenery is good. :)

  2. Wow, gorgeous sunset! I feel ya' on the flies, they are so terrible here :| Limerick is beyond miserable and I'm going through an absurd amount of fly spray. Looking forward to the rest of the pictures!

    1. Thanks K, am a little late with rest of photos - but better late than never I guess!

  3. Flies! They are awful here too. Looks like you guys had an awesome ride.

    1. It was super - as have all rides since moving "off-site". Have to say I am loving my girls & this summer of fun "far" a-field! :D


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