Friday 5 July 2013

Horseware Ho

I went on a bit of a spending spree the weekend before last, but didn't want to post about it until I received the ordered goods. I bought two Amigo Hero Lite turnout rugs and a set of Amigo travel boots for our trip at the end of this month...more on that in a later post!

I also got a Horseware First Aid kit, but it's not with the other stuff, as I had already taken it out to where we are keeping the horses. I figured it'd be of no use to me at home if the horses needed it!
Better to have it nearby and not need it that to need it and not have it to hand!

After a quick google, I found full images of the purchased goods - as you can tell from my photo; they are all still in their packaging - here's hoping i won't be needing the rugs any time soon. Fingers crossed summer is here and the rain will buzz off for good!

Fig/Navy/Lilac in 6ft9 for Miss Nancy

Blue/Yellow in 6ft3 for Miss Kika

My week so far has been thankfully un-eventful, in the best way! :)
Monday evening The Mammy & I went to feed, pick hooves and give the three girls a once over as L couldn't make it.
Tuesday, the Guru & I went for a lovely long hack. I took Nancy and we had our first gallop along a lovely trail. L also reminded me that as we're not likely to be doing any arena work for a while to remember to alternate my diagonals when riding trot through the woods, so that we don't make one side stronger than the other. She also reminded me to try to get the girls to change leads when cantering for the same reason, I have only just started working on this with Kika in an arena, so we'll see if we can implement that on the trails.
Wednesday, I unfortunately had no way of getting to the field - please keep everything crossed for me passing my driver's test first time next week! EEK! *freaking-out*
The Guru had the day off and got out to check on them during the day to feed/give carrots/pick feet & remove any ticks - nasty buggars!
Thursday (last night), the Guru & I both got to the field and went for a small hack, I took Kika this time and we put on our big girl panties and led most of the way including for our canter along the boundaries of a field - where the crops on either side had terrifying monsters in Kika's opinion, so we had some funny side-way leaps from her!
Nancy welcoming us back!
I love the shadow effect,
 if you click & enlarge you might be able to make out
 the dogs in the background!

Two final photos to sign off with, both taken last night. 

The plan for the weekend is to hopefully soak up some sunshine, as temps are finally due to hit high 20s and stay for a few days!
Slight downside is evening hacking to avoid the worst heat of the day & evil fly creatures - but I don't mind that so much so long as we get some long over-due infusion of Vit D!

My other plans for the weekend are simply to try fit in some driving practice and get to another yard to check out some Polo matches. One of the Directors of the company my mother works for owns Polo Ponies - so we're hopefully going to get to check them out...I still think it's mad that although I was lucky enough to visit Argentina last autumn, I didn't manage to take in any Polo actions...oh wells, guess i'll just have to make a return trip some time! *rofl*


  1. I love my amigo shipping boots..they are great.

    1. Great to hear that, I was tempted to get a second pair...but we'll have to wait for the next pay day!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, here's hoping I actually don't need to rain sheets anymore...but I figure it is better to have them and not need them then need them and not have them...Plus they were on sale!
      Fingers crossed they fit!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lauren - me too!!
      Hoping to snap up some more bargains before winter comes going to need bigger rugs for the "cart-horse" then I have for the "prima-ballerina" if we clip the pair of them this winter!

  4. Replies
    1. Especially when the items in question are on sale...Love bargains!

  5. Good luck on the driving test! I love Horseware products!

    1. Thanks Amanda, am not telling anyone what day it is for fear of jinxing myself - but really hope I pass!
      Can't beat a good Irish item!
      I swear I am not biased...much :p

  6. I love the shadow photo!
    Polo sounds fun, take your camera :)
    And good luck with the driving - breath, remember to check your mirrors, hand the supervisor a fistful of bills before you start and you'll be fine ;)

    1. Thanks CT, love me some shadow photos - they are so much fun & usually require some sort of that in itself always makes us happier!
      I forgot my camera for the Polo, but did have my camera phone...hope to share the photos in a post tomorrow!

      Thanks for the driving test tips, shall try to bear them in mind and pray that all goes well - I could really do with having my licence and no longer relying on others to bring me to & from the field now that the girls are a 10minute drive from my house vs a 10mintue walk!
      Why, oh, why did I not learn to drive at 18 like most people?! Kicking myself now!

  7. Yay for shopping! Houston has 2 amigo turnout. One sheet and one medium wt. I like them well enough. I don't think they are as durable as I would like but I guess since they aren't Rambos with the price tag I can't expect them to last that way.

    Love all the pics. And the gurus suggestions are great.

    1. Thanks Hill, I've previously bought Rambo & Rhino rugs for Miss Kika and love them all!
      I'm keeping my eyes peeled online for rugs that're on sale for the monster mare...hoping to snap some good ones up on sale in her size. Must try her Amigo one on for size so that I can know what to buy her as a stable/turn out rug!

  8. Horseware rugs are the berries... pity they're so expensive tho!

    1. I hear ya - that's why I try to buy them on sale!
      Could never afford to keep the pair of them robed in HW otherwise!

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