Thursday 13 February 2014

Clumsy Clutz

For a change the title refers to me - not the horses...yeah so this happened Tuesday night

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Well not quite that dramatic nor did my experience involve a rake, but you get the gist ;-)
A few yard brushes were leaning against the wall near the hay & straw bales, I accidentally stepped on end of one of the brushes and you guessed it...the handle leapt away from the wall and smacked me above my left eye socket - OUCHIES!
Thankfully I was able to put arnica on it when I got home and so far have stopped it becoming a black eye - imagine my shame of going to work and having to explain how I got the black eye...takes the walking-into-a-door/wall excuse to a whole new level!
Although I did tell 2 people at work & a couple yard friends what a numpty I am - teehee!

In equine news, the girls were visited by the osteo Wednesday Thursday & Friday will be doss days for them!
I mentioned in previous posts that Kika had taken to locking her neck & being a bit defensive under saddle. L babysat/bootcamped the girls while I was in Ireland at the weekend & tried all the saddles we own on K to see if that may be what was causing her issues. I do know my saddles do need adjusting, fingers crossed I can save some pennies and call out saddle-fitter. I decided to try get osteo out first as cheaper intermediate option while I save funds for saddler.
Collage shared on instagram, so my apologies to those who have already seen it!

While waiting for osteo to arrive the girlies got good elbow-grease groomings. Kika isn't too interested in shedding yet - at least not on her upper body (back) but her legs are happy to loose some fuzz; whereas Nancy's coat has had enough of winter and was quite happy to come loose with plenty currying.
Kika did have some blockages in her head/neck, withers/saddle area and lower back/rump from compensating for frontal issues. Nancy also got a cursory once over, with a smidge of tweaking but thankfully is in fine form. The osteo did say that Nancy has two funny shaped vertebrae behind where the saddle would sit, she said it is nothing to worry about and that it isn't affecting anything that she may have just rolled/lay on something as a foal that affected the shape of the vertebrae. She (the osteo) did say it was funny as it wasn't two consecutive vertebrae, but one funny shaped, one normal then another odd shaped one...horses like humans are funny bunnies. I am glad however that this oddity will have no ill-effects for my sweet Nancy. Osteo also commented & we shared a giggle at the gaping differences in the girls characters; Kika is a massive fidgeter & N is as laid back she's almost horizontal in the crossties!

Left Kika's paltry shedding attempt - Right Nancy's more substantial effort

I did have to giggle at the pair of them when I turned them out at lunchtime yesterday. Sadly they hadn't been able to get out over the long weekend due to the crazy winds - so Kika was a bit UP when she got out yesterday and wanted to play - O just wanted to eat & N just wanted to scratch her neck under low hanging branches (it now makes crystal clear sense how she managed to rip such a chunk of her mane out...silly sod!) - but Kika had other plans and squealed & squawked bucking, leaping and farting like a loopy loony.
You could see the other two join in briefly but as soon as Kika stood still they meandered right back to eating/itching - such funny creatures!
I completely forgot to try to grab some media of it, as I was silently praying she'd settle so that I could get back to work on time - while at the same time thanking my lucky stars that a friend had offered me a lift so I wasn't on as tight a time-limit as I will be when bus'ing it today.
Yesterday was a glorious sunny (if windy) winter's day, so that may have contributed to her friskiness - sadly this morning has dawned WET :(
Hopefully I can get a dry hour and a half window to get my Lunchtime Mad-Dash done without getting soaked!


  1. Sooooo.. Osteo is a chiropractor? That makes sense! Archie doesn't ever really get a heavy coat (knock on wood), but he's just barely started considering blowing his coat. As easy as he makes it, I sorta miss the gratification of pulling chunks of hair out of a curry or off a shedding blade.

    1. Osteo = osteopath, I think they are slightly different to chiropractors...but I am ignorant and can't tell you how they differ SORRY! For some reason I have it in my head that osteos work more gently or maybe it's just weird word association in my brain between chiro & crack *shrug*

      I completely agree on shedding gratification but am lazy & resent elbow grease and hair everywhere which outweighs positive feelings of gratification ;-)


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