Friday 14 February 2014

Friday Flashback IV

I actually have dates for this post - all photos were taken when we were on holidays in the south of France; Ste Marie de la Mer - lovely sport on the Mediterranean where we spent a couple of weeks our first summers in Luxembourg. The year...1991 - talk about a flashback!

"Family Portrait" Dad must be behind the camera ;-)
I'm very glad to see I have a helmet on in this one!

Leading the way - poor pony & check out the brazen face on me, hah!
I wonder what was going through my mind!

How a family portrait should be - ponies front & center!

Dunno if you can make out my t-shirt - lol MY NAME!
I wonder if we still have that somewhere...

I have vague memories of these photos being taken, but my over-riding (no pun intended) memories of those holidays are playing on the beach; topless women (we were in France - I guess even at 5 years of age I was a prude) & the smell fresh coffee & croissants - in fact that combination of smells still sends my brain into it's own series flashbacks.

PS: I'm not too sure about the suitability of our choice or riding attire (awesome name t-shirts aside of course) ... but whatevs we were on holidays & it was more than likely hotter than our pale Irish skin could cope with (my skins till can't cope with it lol!)


  1. LOL! I think most kids have crazy riding attire. I know I never wore a helmet until I was a teen working at a dressage barn. Growing up I rode Western which it isn't traditional to wear a helmet back then and my parents just didn't know any better since they definitely didn't wear helmets when they were kids. Luckily nothing serious ever happened before I learned it's a good idea to wear one lol!

    1. Summer hols + horses lead to amazing riding-attire pics alright :D
      Helmets are such a bug-bear for me, it really irks me when people ride without them so finding these pics from my childhood has kind of shamed me to possibly keep my mouth shut in future, ;)


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