Wednesday 12 February 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Images of Ireland

From our family Sunday at the beach at Goat's Island near Ardmore, Co Waterford ... to scatter my uncles ashes. Thankfully we had a lovely day, bot wet or blustery like previous days - i guess someone was watching out for us.

The bit jutting out to the front left of photo is where we climbed
Waves - piece of rock to the right of this pic is the outcrop we climbed from the left of above photo

My aunt's fiance taking pictures of the group, we are on top of the outcrop of rock from first pic - don't worry we were nowhere near as close to those waves as camera angle suggests...we were careful. Too many people have been washed away in Europe recently for us to be foolish enough to get close to anywhere the waves were hitting

Close-up of my Mama with waves crashing in background
Almost uncle-in-law watching waves

Aunt-in-law & almost-uncle-in-law wave watching
Apologies for poor shot - sun at awkward angle
Looking down & back towards the alcove from rock outcrop
Uncle's initials that passed away in October who we gathered to send off
Family descending rock outcrop, two of my mam's sisters are in forefront, with almost uncle-in-law in navy behind them; mam's brother in the khaki pants behind & his wife (aunt-in-law from earlier pic) bringing up the rear
View of flooding from plane as we left Cork Monday

And lastly I'll leave you with a video of waves from Sunday

I'm proud of my mostly Wordless Wednesday post *beam*
We were truly blessed with the weather that day, the rest of the weekend was pretty wet & miserable, hence no other photos!


  1. So beautiful! Glad you had good weather on the day that really mattered. :)

    1. We were very lucky considering the storms that have battered that coastline since Christmas...I guess it was meant to be

  2. Looks like it was beautiful!

    1. I am biased...but it is a stunning landscape in IRL

  3. Beautiful! I really want to go!

    1. Be sure to let me know when you do & I'll have to get myself there to meet ya!


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