Wednesday 5 February 2014

Rider Review: EquiKozy Socks

Sadly Wednesdays are my busy day at work, so like today I may not always get to the barn on those evenings. Thankfully I do (more often then not) still get to go at on my mad-dash lunchtime visit. If the Guru has to work Saturday mornings (happens minimum once a month) she sometimes has Wednesdays off work - in which case those days she turns the little darlings out.
She saved my bacon this evening, having already asked if she could jump Kika today & she also brought Nancy in afterwards as I was just too knackered to go to the yard after work.


Right, well enough about that - this post is supposed to be a rider review of EquiKozy Socks

I first discovered these super socks at the RDS Dublin Horse Show in 2010 I think, they had the best priced socks on offer & so many options that I spent ages trying to settle on only three pairs. What I found fascinating was that they spoke French, but being of the shy-type I didn't say anything to them besides usual small-talk while making my purchase.

They always have 3 pairs of socks for €12 - which is a way better price then I typically found on other stands where one pair of socks was costing €6 and the EquiKozy designs & colours were so eye-catching I couldn't not splurge on three pairs. Sadly while perusing the website just now I cannot find a picture of my third pair which were an awesome chocolate brown colour with sky blue polka dots.

Red & White stripes to support my
Rugby Team (Munster) & my mother's
GAA team Cork

And these funky Yellow Puzzle ones

Two years later I was back at the RDS, this time with the Guru in tow and we hit up this fab stand for their socks (again for me) & L's first time. We speak to each other in French, when the people running the stand heard us they were super sweet and asking us where we were from & what brought us to Ireland.
Needless to say I got three more pairs of socks, as I loved my first ones so much; L also picked up ankle socks as she isn't as fond of the knee high ones as I am.

Blue Triangles 
Burgundy Argyle

Blue Swirls
although mine had white swirls

We next encountered these fab sock sellers again in March 2013 at Equitana in Germany (links to my adventures there: first, second and third). I sadly didn't splurge that time but L did, so we continued our patronage of these fab products. Lol!
We did ask if they had a website or anyway to order from them online, however at the time they did not :(

Google Link
One cannot but love Monty Python & the Holy Grail though
We were very pleasantly surprised (although as they are French we really shouldn't have been) to find their stand at the Salon du Cheval in Paris which we visited in December (LINK to post) - so needless to say we both had to splurge on three more pairs of socks...although to be honest I live in mine & love them so much that it isn't splurging so much as necessity shopping. *sniggers*

Classic Blue Argyle

Red & Blue Pop Argyle
although mine have some yellow

Green & Purple Pop Argyle

While in Paris, we discovered that not only have they launched a website but we can place orders online and they will deliver to Luxembourg!
Think we were excited?!
Google Images
I just placed my first order this evening, so I am super excited to see if their online service is as good as their "in-person" service at trade fairs.

Some Pros & Cons (necessary for a balanced review right...although it is pretty obvious that I am damn biased when it comes to this product)
Pro - socks come in diff sizes (ankle/knee) as well as shoe sizes
Pro - fab colours & designs
Pro/Con - (pro) different colour/pattern combos for kids & adults - (con) sometimes I like the kids colour schemes but they aren't in my size!
Con - and this might just be me & how I overuse them (and don't tie my trainers/shoes properly), but they tend to wear at the back of the heel. and sadly my red & white stripes, yellow puzzle and blue swirl socks are no more. Actually come to think of it I must have purchased more at some stage as I also have a pair of blue puzzle piece socks too...I wonder what other ones I bought with them then & where they are now - I'll have to report back when my newly placed order arrives!

To say I live in these socks would be an understatement!
I (of course) ride in them, but also wear them for every-day wear either under jeans in winter and/or over skinny jeans when tucked into boots. As they are made mostly from cotton they are also super comfortable to wear in the warm summer months...although then I do only wear them to ride in!

PS: I just want to say that I have not been contacted by the owners of this company to do this review & I am in no way connected to them bar loving their product & friendly and approachable staff when I have met them at Equi-expos.
Although in saying that I am not opposed to receiving promotional merchandise or sponsorship for a giveaway if people in positions of power there feel so inclined ;)

PPS/Disclaimer: Also all sock images & EquiKozy images in the post have been borrowed from their website with links back to them - no media in this post is of my own making!

PPS (and then I'll shut up - I pinky promise!)

List of upcoming stand dates, in case any Euro readers are in the neighbourhood.
I might see if I can organise myself to get to Ghent (Gand) in Belgium ;)


  1. If they ship to the US, I'm totally ordering the "j'<3 pony" socks! But lost in translation: what's CSO? And elevage? And Lamotte? I was able to google the rest (or deduce).

    And the nosy part of me wants to know: how many citizenships do you have? Born in the US, you should still have that, right? Or do you lose it when you went back to Ireland? Or Luxembourg? And what language do you think in? Gah, I wish it were easier to travel to other countries from the US!

    1. Hahaha, love your questions!
      I have two citizenships, Irish & American - thankfully I can hold both at once. I wouldn't want to have to pick one as holding both deff has it's advantages when queuing @ passport control!
      Ireland & Lux are both in the EU, so free movement of people - awesomeness! Although Irish & UK citizens still have to show ID crossing borders between Ireland/UK and other Member States when going through passport control as they opted out of the Schengen Agreement (fun fact - EU legislation named after teeny tiny Luxembourg town nestled between 3 countries, you can loop all three in under a minute - border hopping fun)...sorry EU jargon heavy there!
      As for what language i think in, when I am speaking French & English i think in them respectively. When attempting to speak German or Spanish (my weaker languages) I translate in my head from English and probably butcher both! Hahaha

      If they don't ship to the US, I can! :)
      Let me know which ones you'd like to order and we can work out paypal or something. :D
      As for lost in translations...let em see if i can help you out, I think CSO = Concour Saut Obstacle (Show Jumping), Elevage = breeding sadly Lamotte is lost on me also - shall do some digging and get back to you

    2. I think that's so amazing and I'm jealous of your multicultural background. We tote ourselves as being a "melting pot", but the downer to that is that all flavors blur. I know I've mentioned going to Germany (AND I WILL TOTALLY LOOK YOU UP!), because the husband's grandparents were fresh over and I was born there. I was born on a US military base, so I am 100% American.

      And, actually, we've been talking a little bit about trying to go to Oktoberfest. We'll see!

      This shirt makes me think of your bilingual thoughts. When I studied French (high school and college), I had a stronger ability to think in it, but I am by no means fluent. And I'm super duper rusty. Occasionally, though, a word or a phrase will pop to the surface.

      The city I live in now, Savannah, GA, has a St. Patrick's Day festival every year. It's commercialize and an excuse to drink a shit ton of beer, but the roots come from a large faction of Irish who located here. The neat thing is the parade. We get the Budweiser Clydesdales. :) (Which... are Scottish horses?)

      And, finally, to close my novel: I'll check out the socks tomorrow and let you know if I need international assistance. :) I really appreciate the offer!

    3. That shirt is awesome sauce, shall have a proper look at it when I get back Monday and have access to a computer screen again :-D

      My linguistic abilities are a bit multicultural, I myself am 100% Irish...I just haven't lived there very long lol!
      If you do make it to Germany, please do look me up. If it'll be a while in the planning I would totally put you up in my flat and play tour guide for a few days if you wanted to visit Lux.
      Sadly my apt won't be ready till March 2015 - hence why I said if you were planning for a little further in the future ;-)


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